Monday, June 11, 2018

America Held Hostage Continues

The Trump regime installed Neil Gorsuch as United States Supreme Court Justice last year after Mitch McConnell refused to give Barack Obama's choice (Merrick Garland) for Supreme Court a hearing, which blocked the nomination until after the 2016 election, which yielded Trump as President of the United States.
The ripple effect eventually gave us this joker named Gorsuch, who is so far to the right that the late Antonin Scalia would be considered moderate to liberal compared to him.
Naturally, today this SCOTUS ruled that the state of Ohio can continue to suppress voters in that rust belt state, which always favors the republicans when it comes to that sort of crap.
Yes indeed, it's America held hostage day by day until the the Congressional mid-term elections this November.  Or is it?
Will there be enough people left on the voting rolls to vote this GOP controlled congress out?
Vote the bums out !!
Hopefully, enough people will press on and fight the good fight and vote this November.
Don't give up the fight people.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sports Hodge Podge

For the first time in many moons, here is a hodge podge of events and thoughts on those in the world of sports.

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship yesterday, destroying the Cleveland Cavaliers, 108-85 for a four-game sweep of the series. It was the second straight title for the Warriors and their third in four years, which enters them into the dynasty talk among NBA franchises.

The Cavs were swept in the NBA Finals for the second time, the other time was in the 2007 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.

LeBron James is one of the greatest NBA players ever and showed it once again this past season in leading this team to the finals against mighty Golden State. However, please stop with the talk he is the GOAT (Great Of All Time) comparisons to one Michael Jordan. There is only one MJ and he never lost in six trips to the NBA Finals. Enough said. (Yes, Bill Russell of the bygone era Boston Celtics won more titles than Jordan, but he also lost in the championship series, so there.)

Golden State is a phenomenal team, but would like to see how they would have fared against some of the other great teams in the NBA when the roster talent was not so diluted as it is these days with so many teams in the league. The same could be said of the other three major sports as well.

Speaking of other sports, the Washington Capitals finally won a Stanley Cup title the other night. However, it should be pointed out they did so against an expansion team (Las Vegas Golden Knights) in five games. That tells a lot regarding the state of the NHL currently as far as strength is concerned.

The only other expansion team to reach the Stanley Cup Finals was the St. Louis Blues (in 1967-68 season) and that was because the six new teams were placed in one conference while the Original Six of the NHL were in the other conference, thus guaranteeing an expansion team would make it there. (By the way, the Blues were swept in four games by the Montreal Canadiens in that final.)

Former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dwight Clark (age 61) died of Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) this past week. He is known for "The Catch" which was quite possibly the most memorable play in NFL history along with the "Immaculate Reception" by Pittsburgh Steelers great Franco Harris. The game winning touchdown catch thrown by quarterback Joe Montana to Clark started a dynasty run for the 49ers in the 1980's, when they won four Super Bowl titles in that decade, including back-to-back championships in 1988 and 1989 seasons.

Major League Baseball phenom Shohei Ohtani (pitcher and designated hitter/outfielder from Japan) looks like he will be shelved for the remainder of the 2018 season as Tommy John surgery could be in order after he experienced elbow pain in his throwing arm. He also is the Los Angeles Angels' designated hitter, so he could still do that should he be able to after possible surgery. That's a shame because this kid has shown a lot as a two-way player and was on his way to possibly being named the American League Rookie of the Year.

Back to LeBron James . . .  will he stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers or bolt town for a second time via free agency and look to get a fourth championship ring for himself (he is 3-6 in NBA Finals with Cleveland and the Miami Heat combined) elsewhere?

Which team will emerge as the favorite to win the World Series this year?

There are numerous teams vying for the World Series title, including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, defending champs Houston Astros, among others. Surprise teams so far include the Seattle Mariners (American League West leaders), Milwaukee Brewers (National League Central leaders) and the Atlanta Braves, who lead the NL East so far.

Look for the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals and perhaps the Los Angeles Dodgers to emerge as the top dogs in the National League once October rolls around to represent the senior circuit in the World Series. In the AL, the Yankees, Red Sox, Astros and perhaps the Cleveland Indians should be there once all is said and done in the regular season.  Stay tuned.

One last thing, NFL training camps open in roughly six weeks as football will get it going once again.

Will the Philadelphia Eagles be able to repeat as Super Bowl champions? How about the ageless Tom Brady and the New England Patriots? Can they dominate the AFC and return to the Super Bowl once again?  Stay tuned.


Monday, June 4, 2018


RIP Dwight Clark - One of the most famous plays in NFL history known simply as "The Catch !"

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Almost A Decade Already

The blogs posted here on Heftyinfo over the past nine years have been many, ranging from sports to political views and stories, along with some fun features and photo montages.
It's hard to believe it's been nine years (May 13, 2009) since I first posted "Shut Up" which was a scolding for former Vice President Dick Cheney as he continually criticized former U.S. President Barack Obama.
Cheney had a lot of nerve (and still does as he has been popping up lately with remarks regarding torture and water boarding techniques) to even show his face in public following his abominations as the vice president from 2001-2008 along with George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. President.
A lot has happened since that first post, including "Obamacare," which allowed people who previously had no health insurance coverage, to get it without hassles from providers.
The republicans regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives (in 2010) and the U.S. Senate as well in 2014, which paved the way for Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to do something unspeakable as well as never heard of before, as he would not allow hearings for Obama's selection to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Incredibly, McConnell and his republican cohorts conspired to keep Merrick Garland from a hearing to lead to the eventual voting process for the vacated seat caused when Antonin Scalia died in 2016. The shit they put Obama through once they gained control of Congress in the third year of Obama's presidency is disgraceful.
Hopefully, things will change this November in the Congressional elections.
Remember, people across America were fed up with G.W. Bush and company when they controlled both the executive and legislative branches between 2002-2006 and voted the bums out as the Democrats regained control of both the House and Senate in the "Blue Wave" of 2006.
Elections are strange things sometimes, as evidenced by the mess we have now in the White House following 2016, which smelled fishy from the get go.
As 2018 rolls along, there will be more posts regarding politics and sports and who knows, maybe the Chicago Cubs can win the World Series again. That also happened for the first time in 108 years when the Cubbies won  it all in 2016, beating the Cleveland Indians in seven games.
Currently, not much needs to be said regarding the disgrace of our politicians in D.C. but Heftyinfo attempts to give a daily reminder (Day 479 of America Held Hostage) in the sidebar located upper right hand corner.
Oh, and one more thing as far as Dick Cheney and many others are concerned . . . Shut Up!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Political Ramblings

Time to rip our so called president a new one . . .

Here we go again America.
The Republicans are in charge of all three levels of government in Washington, D.C. and now the staged air strikes are being broadcast on network and cable TV news throughout our "homeland" as the right wing nut jobs like to call the United States of America, to get the American people to rally behind a floundering president with embarrassingly low poll numbers.
Trump is the so called POTUS and now he needs a new distraction to get the heat off of himself and staffers in the ongoing Robert Mueller led investigation of many activities that have more and more Americans suspicious of team Trump.
This guy has no idea at all what he is doing occupying the office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation's capitol.
He has surrounded himself with chicken hawks who want to declare war at the drop of a hat (see walrus moustacheioed John Bolton) as well as former POTUS George Bush, Jr. flunkies and then he even pardoned "Scooter" Libby, the rat who outed a CIA operative 15 years ago.
Put a sock in it Trump because more and more people are not buying your bullshit any longer.
You are a fake president who is nothing more than white trash being used as a puppet for international financiers and foreign leaders, such as your master known as Vladimir Putin.
G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney along with their criminal cabal (Condaleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, etc.) sold the American people on so called "weapons of mass destruction" and the "mushroom clouds" that never materialized throughout the Bush-Cheney years, but it allowed them to invade Iraq and we still have military troops there.
American Empire.
Now Trump and his accomplices are trying to follow the same script and a pattern that is all too familiar is beginning to take shape.
Will Americans be duped again as they were by this orange con man two years ago on the campaign trail and also in years past by Bush-Cheney and the criminal cabals they represented?
We will have to wait and see.
But the observation here is that will not happen this time around because Americans are increasingly waking up to the RWNJ bullshit and a blue wave in the upcoming 2016 Congressional elections is imminent.
In 2006, Americans said enough is enough and booted the republicans from control of the U.S. House and Senate in the Congressional elections.
What's more, Paul Ryan, the U.S. Speaker of the House, just announced he is bailing out on this joke of an administration in D.C. and will not seek another term in office.
Word has it the Speaker of the House saw the latest polls coming out of his district in Wisconsin and saw the writing on the wall he just might lose this time around in the election process and be ousted by the people.
All in all, the first 450 days of Trump and (Vice President Mike) Pence has been a complete disaster and the fallout is still to come for the millions and millions of Americans who will be fleeced in the coming years by the "Trump tax cuts" that were rammed through the REPUBLICAN controlled Congress in late December.
Distraction is the key to Trump maintaining his grip on the foolish media that bows to the idiocy of his constant "tweeting" on twitter.
Irresponsible journalism is what that is called.
Fact is Trump is a poser who doesn't belong anywhere near the White House, but we as Americans are stuck with this lunacy for another two plus years before we get a "mulligan" and have the real opportunity to get rid of this clown and his freak show.
One can only hope.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Villanova Routs Michigan To Win NCAA Title

The Villanova Wildcats beat the Michigan Wolverines, 79-62 to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship for the second time in the last three years.
Villanova sixth man Donte DiVincenzo earned Most Outstanding Player honors as he scored 31 points for the Wildcats (36-4 to finish the season) as they pulled away in the second half after having a seven-point halftime advantage.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Villanova, Michigan in NCAA Championship Game

The Villanova Wildcats destroyed the Kansas Jayhawks, 95-79 in the night cap game of the Final Four in San Antonio, Texas to advance to the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game on Monday night.
The Michigan Wolverines won the first game of the evening, 69-57 over Loyola (Chicago) to end the Cinderella dreams for the Ramblers and advance to the title game for the second time in the last five years. Michigan lost to Louisville in the 2013 title game, but the championship was vacated by the Cardinals recently due to penalties imposed by NCAA officials.
The Villanova Wildcats will be seeking their second title in the last three seasons (they beat North Carolina in the 2016 championship game in Houston) in the Lone Star state. 
It should be a great game, with the Wildcats coming out on top and cutting down the nets on Monday night.

                                        PREDICTION -  Villanova 82, Michigan 68 

Sunday, March 25, 2018


The Loyola Ramblers will face the Michigan Wolverines in the Final Four in San Antonio, Texas next Saturday evening, along with the Villanova Wildcats taking on the Kansas Jayhakws in the night cap.
The Ramblers (and team Chaplain Sister Jean) have stolen the show in the 2018 version of March Madness as they make their first Final Four appearance in 55 years.
The match up between Villanova and Kansas will likely be considered the "final" game in many observers eyes, but  . . . not so fast!
Michigan and Loyola are the two hottest teams going in this tournament and which ever team wins that game could very well be cutting down the nets a week from Monday night.
It should be an exciting Final Four and best of luck to all the teams.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Major League Baseball - 2018 Season Preview

The 2018 Major League Baseball season gets started next week (Thursday, March 29 is Opening Day for all 30 MLB teams) and all eyes will be on the defending World Series champion Houston Astros as they look to repeat this season.
The Astros look to be the team to beat once again, at least on paper as injuries can never be predictable. The Astros are loaded with a powerful lineup, led by American League Most Valuable Player Jose Altuve. The mighty small man (5-5 in stature) can hit for both average and power and has decent speed to boot, along with solid defense at second base.
Justin Verlander and Dallas Keuchel are a formidable one-two punch in the starting pitching rotation and the Astros added Gerrit Cole to that mix in the off-season.
The team the Astros knocked off in a memorable seven-game World Series last fall is the Los Angeles Dodgers.
The Dodgers are a solid team as well, led by ace starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Along with the best pitcher in baseball, the Dodgers have Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda and bullpen closer Kenley Jansen, who is almost always lights out.
There is also a solid lineup in L.A. as well as Cody Bellinger, the N.L. Rookie of the Year in 2017, leads the way along with Cory Seager, Justin Turner, Yasiel Puig, Chris Taylor and Matt Kemp.
There are many other teams that boast big lineups and solid pitching and for a glimpse of the division races in both leagues, the following offers a look at what to expect this summer in Major League Baseball.


1. NY Yankees - The Bronx Bombers are back, even with a somewhat questionable starting pitching staff.
2. Boston - The Red Sox added J.D. Martinez to a stacked lineup and their pitching is decent.
3. Baltimore - The Orioles slipped last year, but added two solid arms to their woeful starting pitching of a year ago. Dark horse for a playoff spot this season.
4. Toronto - The Blue Jays will play it out this season and see what happens.
5. Tampa Bay - Team appears to be in rebuild mode after many major off-season roster moves, including the trade of Evan Longoria, the face of the franchise the past decade.

1. Cleveland - The Indians look to be set for yet another October run this season.
2. Minnesota - The Twins will be nipping at the heels of the Indians this season as they look to make the post-season for the second straight year.
3. Chicago White Sox - This team has a bright future as they continue the youth movement.
4. Kansas City - The Royals are a far cry from the team that won it all in 2015.
5. Detroit - Rebuilding mode in Motown.

1. Houston - Barring any major injuries to key players, the Astros may very well repeat as World Series champions.
2. LA Angels - The Angels are a team that could contend for a wild card spot this year.
3. Seattle - The Mariners would do well to play .500 ball this season.
4. Texas - This is a team in transition that could make a move up if they get consistent pitching.
5. Oakland - The A's could escape the division cellar this year.


1. Washington - The Nationals should roll into October baseball once again. From there, all bets are off with this team.
2. NY Mets - If the starting pitching is healthy, the Mets could make a push for the post-season.
3. Philadelphia - The Phillies are an up and coming team.
4. Atlanta - The Braves are an up and coming team.
5. Miami - The Marlins are a mess that will likely lose over 100 games this season.

1. Chicago Cubs - The Cubs want to get back to the World Series. It could happen.
2. St. Louis - The Cardinals are looking to end a two-year playoff drought.
3. Milwaukee - Were the Brewers a fluke last year? They are out to prove otherwise this season.
4. Pittsburgh- Pirates are in rebuild mode.
5. Cincinnati - This team can score runs, but their pitching is perhaps the worst in all of baseball.

1. LA Dodgers - It's World Series or bust again this season for the Dodgers.
2. Arizona - The Diamondbacks have a good baseball team and could play deep into October this time.
3. Colorado - The Rockies will go as far as their pitching can carry them this season.
4. San Francisco - Giants looking to rebound after a disastrous 2017 season, but will be without two top starting pitchers for the first month or two of the season.
5. San Diego - The Padres are an up and coming team.

A look at the possibilities for the 2018 MLB post-season . . .

Wild Card Game - Baltimore over Boston

A.L. Division Series - Houston over Baltimore; Cleveland over NY Yankees

A.L. Championship Series - Houston over Cleveland

Wild Card Game - Arizona over St. Louis

N.L. Division Series - LA Dodgers over Arizona; Washington over Chicago Cubs

N.L. Championship Series - LA Dodgers over Washington


Houston Astros over Los Angeles Dodgers is six games.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

NCAA Tournament Updates

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is past the opening round now and the field has been paired down to 32 teams beginning today (St. Patrick's Day) and so far, so good for the Final Four selections here. Kentucky, North Carolina, Villanova and Michigan State are still around.
The biggest shocker thus far in the tournament took place Friday evening when the University of Maryland-Baltimore County Retrievers beat the top dog, Virginia Cavaliers, 74-54 to advance.
It was the first time ever a 16th seeded team beat a number-one seed in the opening rounds. Virginia (31-3 to finish their season) was the overall top rated team in the nation entering the tournament.
But as the old saying goes - That is why they play the games.
Locally (here in Chicago area), the Loyola Ramblers beat Miami, 64-62 on Thursday with a buzzer beating three-pointer by Donte Ingram to advance his team to a game against the mighty Tennessee Volunteers (number three seed in the West Region) on Saturday evening. Tennesse smashed Wright State, 73-47 in their opening game.
It should continue to be an exciting tournament as Round Two gets going today and tomorrow as the teams look to advance to the Sweet Sixteen next weekend.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

March Madness - Here We Go

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is totally up for grabs this year. Here are the Heftyinfo selections to make it to the FINAL FOUR in San Antonio, Texas in three weeks.


North Carolina


Michigan State

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Random Thoughts

Can't even remember the last time a post like this went up on this site, but here goes.

President Donald Trump . . .  WTF ?

Vice President Mike Pence . . .  WTF ?

Teenage students from the Florida high school shooting massacre are getting death threats from hard core NRA supporters . . .  Total insanity there.

Trump flip flops on political issues more than former Democratic presidential candidate (2004) John Kerry ever did, but yet he gets a free pass from the news media.

The Me Too movement . . .  long overdue, how long will it endure is the real question.

Seems the millennial generation is finally beginning to take themselves seriously about life. Now get out there and vote in the 2018 Congressional elections this November to help make a change for the better for this country.

Professional and college sports just need to get back to the basics.

News items on the American agenda and how they are covered begs the question of  - Is that true or did you hear it over on Fox "News?"

Do Americans really need AK 47 and/or AR 15 assault rifles?  If shooting those guns is so important to people, why not just enlist in the military and then they can shoot them all they want to.

People who are seriously demented do not deserve to be gun owners.  Period, end of discussion.

The American flag and national anthem are symbols of the United States of America. People make up the fabric being of the country, any country in the world for that matter.

Climate change is real.

Corporations are NOT really living, breathing human beings . . . U.S. Supreme Court decision on so called citizens united calling them people and saying money is free speech is wrong.

Everybody in the USA deserves to have health care coverage, it fosters the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness penned by our forefathers in the Declaration of Independence.

Good Day ! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Gun Reform In America? Don't Hold Your Breath

Until shit like this goes away, don't count on any type of gun reform laws happening. Too many Americans are still brain washed.
(Note the "Christian" symbol and Statue of Liberty in the lower right hand side of the billboard)
But hey political leaders,  especially the Republicans, let's keep offering up those thoughts and prayers to the victims' families and loved ones.

Monday, February 5, 2018

NFL - Super Bowl 52 Recap

The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the world and beat the mighty New England Patriots, 41-33 to win Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as backup quarterback Nick Foles threw for three touchdowns and also caught a touchdown pass to end the first half scoring.
Foles (pictured at left) was named the Most Valuable Player for the game as the Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl title. The Patriots took a short lived 33-32 lead in the fourth quarter before the Eagles drove downfield and took the lead right back when Foles connected with tight end Zach Ertz for an eleven-yard touchdown pass.
From there, the Eagles defense got a crucial fumble recovery when Pats' QB Tom Brady was sacked and stripped of the football deep in his own territory. Eagles kicker Jake Elliott drilled a 46-yard field goal to provide the final score.
In the losing effort, Brady passed for 505 yards with three touchdown passes, but couldn't get it done in the clutch this time as the Patriots suffered their third setback (they have five victories) in the Super Bowl during the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era.
The two teams combined for 1,151 total yards in the game - a Super Bowl record while also seeing just one punt during the game. 


Sunday, February 4, 2018

WOOF WOOF - Underdog Eagles Are Super Bowl Champs !!

                            Believe  It !

                            The Philadelphia Eagles are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS !!

Friday, February 2, 2018

NFL - SUPER BOWL 52 Preview

Super Bowl Sunday will feature the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles playing for all
the marbles in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the Patriots the favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions.
The Eagles dismantled the Minnesota Vikings, 38-7 two weeks ago to reach this game while the Patriots had to rally in the fourth quarter with two touchdowns to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-20 to have the chance to defend their title.
We all know the history of the New England Patriots since quarterback Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick came together in the 2001 season to win the first of their five Super Bowls over the last sixteen seasons.
The Eagles, meanwhile, are in their first Super Bowl since the 2004 season (where they lost to the Patriots, 24-21 in Super Bowl 39) and will be looking to win their first ever Super Bowl title.
Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles has been stellar in the post-season (especially in the NFC Championship Game) filling in for injured starting QB Carson Wentz and he will have to be at his best if the Eagles are going to have any shot at winning this game.
The Eagles defense rates an edge against the Patriots defense as they have been steady all season long. The Pats defense has been playing well since the midway point of the 2017 season and if they can continue that trend, they should win a sixth Super Bowl title in franchise history.
So without all the hype and boring numbers crunching and name dropping of the various players from each team, here goes nothing in predicting the outcome for the Super Bowl.

                    PREDICTION -   Philadelphia 26, New England 24

Monday, January 22, 2018

NFL PLAYOFFS - AFC, NFC Championship Games Recap

It will be the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles squaring off in Super Bowl LII (52) in two weeks in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The Patriots won a thrilling game, 24-20 over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game as they scored 14 fourth quarter points to overcome a ten-point deficit. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (pictured right) threw two scoring passes to wide receiver Danny Amendola (seven receptions for 84 yards) in the comeback win.
The Jaguars took a 14-3 lead in the second quarter when Leonard Fournette scored on a four-yard run, which followed Jags' QB Blake Bortles four-yard scoring pass to tight end Mercedes Lewis. But the Patriots cut the deficit to 14-10 at halftime when James White scored on a one-yard rushing touchdown.
With the win, it is the New England Patriots tenth trip to the Super Bowl and their eighth appearance since the 2001 season.
Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles crushed the Minnesota Vikings, 38-7 as QB Nick Foles (pictured left) threw for three touchdowns along with 352 passing yards to lead the way.
The Eagles defense limited the Vikings to just 70 rushing yards and forced three turnovers (two interceptions and a fumble recovery), including a 50-yard "pick six" interception by cornerback Patrick Robinson that tied the game at 7-7 late in the first quarter. The Vikings had taken a 7-0 lead on their first drive of the game when QB Case Keenum connected with tight end Kyle Rudolph on a 25-yard TD pass.
The rest of the game was all Philadelphia as the Eagles scored 17 points in the second quarter as LeGarrette Blount scored on an 11-yard run and Foles threw a 53-yard scoring pass to WR Alshon Jeffery, who had two scoring receptions in the game.
As a result of the win, the Eagles are going back to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2004 season and it will be a "re-match" of Super Bowl 39, which the Patriots won 24-21.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Trump "Presidency" - One Year Later

                           AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE -  DAY 366 

NFC Championship Game Preview

Two teams with solid defenses will square off in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday evening in Philadelphia as the Eagles will host the Minnesota Vikings for the right to advance to the Super Bowl, which is being held in Minneapolis this time around.
The Vikings won a thrilling game last week (at home) 29-24 against the New Orleans Saints to advance as wide receiver Stefon Diggs broke away with the game winning 61-yard touchdown catch as time expired. It was indeed a finish for the ages.
The Eagles disposed of the Atlanta Falcons, 15-10 as their defense came up with a goal line stand in the closing minute of play to move into this game.
The Vikings led the NFL in defense this season, giving up just 275 yards per game (192 passing, 83 rushing) and allowed 252 points during the regular season, 15.6 points per game. Meanwhile, the Eagles defense led the NFL in rushing defense, giving up just 79 yards per game.
In addition, the Philadelphia defense has allowed just 26 total points in the last three games, including the playoff victory against Atlanta.
Philadelphia is going with Nick Foles at quarterback this post-season as Carson Wentz is out for the year with the knee injury suffered back on December 10 against the L.A. Rams. The Vikings are led by Case Keenum, who has had a dream season filling for injured Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater at the quarterback position.
This game will likely be a defensive struggle, but as we all know, things can play out totally different once the game starts. But expect a close game that may very well come down to the final possession for which ever team has the football.

              PREDICTION -   Minnesota 17, Philadelphia 13 

Friday, January 19, 2018

AFC Championship Game Preview

On paper, this game looks like a blowout as the New England Patriots host the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game.
However, the Jags have that swagger that will do one of two things in this game on Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium. They either hang tough and take the Patriots to the brink (before losing a tight one) or they get blown out and the cameras catch several team members arguing and finger pointing at each other.
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick have been doing their thing in the post-season for roughly 17 years (five Super Bowl titles together in seven appearances) and now the Jaguars will attempt to disrupt that routine as the Pats go for back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.
The past few days there have been rumblings of Brady having a bad throwing hand and he might even be listed as questionable to play in the game this Sunday.
Brady will be ready to go and he will do all he can to pick apart the excellent secondary the Jags feature.
The Jaguars have Blake Bortles at quarterback and he will rely on running back Leonard Fournette (three TD vs. Steelers last week) to carry the load once again this week against the increasingly tough New England defense.
All in all, this game should not be real close because the Patriots offense is far superior to that of Jacksonville. Defensively, the Jags rate a slight edge overall while the Patriots overwhelmingly have the edge in the coaching area.
If the Patriots get it rolling on offense early in the game, look for a blowout victory. If the Jags can hang in there, their confidence will get even stronger than it already is and they may have a slight chance to win this one.

PREDICTION -  New England 27, Jacksonville 13 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

NFL PLAYOFFS - Divisional Round Recap

Stefon Diggs scored the game winner for Vikings as time expired.
The Minnesota Vikings stunned the New Orleans Saints, 29-24 on an unbelievable play to end the game, that was second only in NFL history to the "Immaculate Reception" from the 1972 playoffs.
Vikings quarterback Case Keenum hit wide receiver Stefon Diggs on a 61-yard touchdown pass as time expired to send the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game next week in Philadelphia.
The Saints had taken a 24-23 lead with 25 seconds left when kicker Will Lutz made a 43-yard field goal. That followed Vikes' kicker Kai Forbath's 53-yard field goal with just over a minute to go in regulation that gave Minnesota a 23-21 lead.
Minnesota took a 17-0 lead into halftime as Jerick McKinnon (14 yards) and Latavius Murray (one yard) had scoring runs to go with a Forbath field goal.
The Saints stormed back in the second half (17 points in 4th quarter) as QB Drew Brees threw for two scores to WR Michael Thomas and another to running back Alvin Kamara to take a 21-20 lead in the final quarter.
Earlier on Sunday afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars bolted to a 21-0 lead in Pittsburgh en route to a 45-42 victory that sends them to the AFC Championship Game next week in New England.
Jags running back Leonard Fournette (109 rushing yards) scored three touchdowns, T.J. Yeldon added another scoring run and QB Blake Bortles had a scoring pass while the defense scored on a 50-yard fumble recovery by Telvin Smith as well to pace the win. Jags kicker Josh Lambo made a 45-yard field goal to give the Jags a ten-point cushion with just over two minutes left to play to help provide the final outcome.
Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger (469 passing yards) threw five TD passes in the loss (two to WR Antonio Brown) but also had the fumble that Jacksonville scored on as well as an interception inside his own 20-yard line that led to Jacksonville getting the 21-0 lead.

On Saturday night, the New England Patriots throttled the visiting Tennessee Titans, 35-14 as QB Tom Brady (pictured left) had three touchdown passes to go with 337 passing yards to lead the way. In addition, the New England defense sacked Titans QB Marcus Mariota eight times as they gained only 267 yards in offense.
The Titans had a brief 7-0 lead when Mariota connected with WR Corey Davis on a 15-yard scoring pass. From there, Brady and company scored three touchdowns in the second quarter to make it 21-7 at the half. Brady threw a five-yard scoring pass to RB James White (who also scored on a six-yard run) and also had a four-yard strike to Chris Hogan.
Neither team turned the ball over as the Patriots will be making their seventh consecutive appearance in the AFC Championship Game at home against Jacksonville next Sunday.
The Philadelphia Eagles held off the Atlanta Falcons to earn a 15-10 home win as their defense made a goal line stand in the final minute of the fourth quarter to send the Eagles to the NFC Championship Game at home next Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.
Eagles kicker Jake Elliott made three field goals (53 yards, 37, 21) and RB LeGarrette Blount scored on a one-yard run on fourth down to give Philly a 6-3 lead. Prior to that, Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant made a 33-yard field goal to give the Falcons a 3-0 lead.
Falcons QB Matt Ryan threw a six-yard scoring pass to Devonta Freeman to give his team a 10-6 lead. Elliott made the 53-yard field goal as time expired in the first half to cut the Atlanta lead to 10-9. From there, Elliott drilled two field goals to account for all the scoring in the second half and provide the final score.

Philadelphia 15, Atlanta 10
New England 35, Tennessee 14
Jacksonville 45, Pittsburgh 42
Minnesota 29, New Orleans 24

Saturday, January 13, 2018

NFL PLAYOFFS - Divisional Round Preview

It's on to the divisional round of the 2017 NFL Playoffs as the Saturday games feature the Atlanta Falcons at the Philadelphia Eagles while the New England Patriots host the upstart Tennessee Titans. On Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars are at the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New Orleans Saints play at the Minnesota Vikings to conclude the weekend action.


Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots -  Tom Brady and the Patriots are gunning for their seventh consecutive AFC Championship Game appearance, but the Tennessee Titans won't be an easy opponent.
The Titans stunned the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend, coming back from 18-point deficit to defeat the host Chiefs, 22-21 as quarterback Marcus Mariota led the way on offense along with running back Derrick Henry, who will need another big rushing performance if the Titans are going to hang with the Pats.
New England has things clicking offensively lately as the running game with Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead  has been effective. In addition, tight end Rob Gronkowski is healthy and leading the receiving corps that has many options for Brady to throw to. If the Patriots get it rolling early, it could very well be a blowout win for them.
Each team's defense has stepped it up as well, especially the Patriots, who were getting lit up in the first five weeks of the season. The Titans made second half adjustments and shut out Kansas City last weekend after allowing 21 first half points.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers -  The Steelers were hammered by the Jaguars, 30-9 back in Week Five as QB Ben Roethlisberger was intercepted FIVE times, including two pick six interceptions.
But that was then and this is now so expect the Steelers to look like a completely different team this time around. Roethlisberger, along with running back Le'Veon Bell and wide receivers Antonio Brown (recovering from calf injury) and JuJu Smith -Schuster, will look to torch the vaunted Jacksonville defense, which has intercepted 21 passes to this point.
As long as the Steelers defense keeps the Jags' running game (led by rookie Leonard Fournette) in check it should be a much better outcome for them as they look forward to a rematch with the New England Patriots in the AFC title game next weekend. Plus the fact the weather will be totally different in mid-January than it was in early October in the Steel City will also be a factor that should benefit the Steelers.


Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles -  The Falcons knocked off the Los Angeles Rams rather easily last week and will look to win another one on the road this week against a Eagles team (13-3) that will not have All-Pro QB Carson Wentz (knee surgery) until next season.
Falcons QB Matt Ryan, WR Julio Jones and the running back tandem of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman will provide a stiff challenge to the Eagles defense, which has been very consistent all season long.
Reserve QB Nick Foles can do the job, but the Eagles know they have to be able to run the football with Jay Ajayi (5.8 ypc average) and LeGarrette Blount (4.4 ypc) looking to carry the load.
The Falcons have been erratic this season and if they fall into a hole early, it could be a long afternoon for them. However, they could also force the turnovers as they did last week against the Rams and that would be huge. The Eagles offense has struggled to score points since Wentz went out with the knee injury.

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings -  This game could very well be the best match up of the weekend and might go down to the wire.
The Saints feature a dynamic offensive attack while the Vikings defense has been stellar all year long and will present numerous challenges to Saints QB Drew Brees and company.  Something has to give.
Brees has running backs Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara along with wideouts Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn, Jr. and they will look to solve the Vikes defense. Meanwhile, Minnesota went 11-1 after a 2-2 start and their defense has allowed just under 15 points per game during that stretch.
The Vikings offense has overcome many injuries and QB Case Keenum has enjoyed a dream season filling in for injured QBs Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. Running backs Dalvin Cook (4.8 ypc average), Latavius Murray (3.9 ypc) and Jerick McKinnon (3.8 ypc) will be ready to pound the rock while receivers Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs and (tight end) Kyle Rudolph provide solid targets for Keenum to pass the ball to.
Look for this one to possibly go down to the wire and whoever has the ball last could determine the final outcome.

The Heftyinfo predictions for the Divisional Round games  (Home teams listed in bold)

Atlanta over Philadelphia
New England over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over Jacksonville
Minnesota over New Orleans

Last week's Record -  3-1



Tuesday, January 9, 2018

College Football - FINAL Top Ten

The Heftyinfo College Football FINAL Top Ten                                          

1.  Alabama  (13-1)
2.  Georgia  (13-2)
3.  Oklahoma  (12-2)
4.  Clemson  (12-2)
5.  Ohio State (12-2)
6.  UCF  (13-0)
7.  Wisconsin  (13-1)
8.  Penn State  (11-2)
9.  TCU  (10-3)
10.  Auburn  (10-4)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

NFL PLAYOFFS - Wild Card Round Recap

Two home teams won and two lost this weekend in the NFL Playoff Wild Card Round.
On Saturday, the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons won road games to advance while on Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints both won home games to move forward to the Divisional Round next week.


Tennessee Titans 22, Kansas City Chiefs 21 - The host Chiefs blew an 18-point halftime lead and fell to the Titans as running back Derrick Henry (156 rushing yards) scored a touchdown and then quarterback Marcus Mariota connected on a 22-yard scoring pass to wide receiver Eric Decker to provide the final margin.
The Chiefs stormed out to a big lead in the first quarter as QB Alex Smith hit tight end Travis Kelce on a 13-yard scoring pass and rookie RB Kareem Hunt scored on a one-yard run.  The lead was 21-3 at halftime, but from there the Titans defense slammed the door on Kansas City.
One unusual scoring play for the Titans occurred when Mariota (pictured left) tossed a pass that was deflected back to himself and he broke the plane of the end zone for the touchdown to cut the Kansas City lead to 21-10 midway through the third quarter.

Jacksonville Jaguars 10, Buffalo Bills 3 - A throwback type of playoff game to the old days of running and defense took place in Jacksonville as the Jaguars topped the Bills behind solid defense that limited the Buffalo offense to 263 yards in total offense.
The only touchdown of the game came in the third quarter when Jags' QB Blake Bortles threw a one-yard scoring pass to tight end Ben Koyack. From there, it was defense on both sides of the field as Bortles actually ran (88 yards) for more yardage than he passed for (87 yards), which was only the third time in NFL playoff history that happened.


Atlanta Falcons 26, Los Angeles Rams 13 - The Falcons surprised the host Rams by bolting out to a 13-0 lead in the first quarter as kicker Matt Bryant (four made field goals) hit a pair of kicks and RB Devonta Freeman scored on a three-yard run.
The Rams countered in the second quarter with a 14-yard scoring pass from QB Jared Goff to WR Cooper Kupp and then a 35-yard field goal at the end of the first half.
Bryant drilled a pair of field goals in the third quarter to give the Falcons a 19-10 lead entering the fourth quarter. Early in the fourth quarter, Rams kicker Sam Ficken nailed a 35-yard field goal to trim the Atlanta lead to 19-13.
Atlanta QB Matt Ryan threw an eight-yard TD pass to WR Julio Jones (nine receptions for 94 yards) with 5:48 remaining in regulation to provide the final outcome.

New Orleans Saints 31, Carolina Panthers 26 -  The Saints rode the arm of QB Drew Brees (376 yards passing with two TD and one interception) to victory as they outlasted the visiting Panthers in the final wild card playoff game of the weekend.
Brees (pictured right) hooked up with WR Ted Ginn, Jr. on an 80-yard scoring play and later with tight end Josh Hill to help give the Saints a 21-9 halftime lead. Panthers kicker Graham Gano made three field goals in the first half to keep it close.
In the second half, the Panthers and Saints exchanged third quarter field goals before Carolina QB Cam Newton had two TD passes in the final quarter, a 14-yard strike to tight end Greg Olson and a 56-yard scoring pass to RB Christian McCaffrey that made it 31-26 with just over four minutes remaining.
The Saints took a huge gamble with two minutes left in the game by going for it on fourth down (two yards to go) from midfield. Brees' pass was intercepted and the Panthers then drove down the field before an intentional grounding penalty call against Newton set up a third-and-23 situation. Following an incompletion, Newton was sacked on fourth down and the Saints are now marching onto the Divisional Round next week.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

NFL PLAYOFFS - Wild Card Round Preview

The 2017 NFL Playoffs will kick it off later today when the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs battle it out in the first of two AFC Wild Card games, followed by the Atlanta Falcons at the Los Angeles Rams in the first NFC Wild Card game.
The Sunday games feature the Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC) and the Carolina Panthers at the New Orleans Saints in the NFC.
The games in the NFC seems to be causing a bigger buzz because the Falcons were the Super Bowl representative from the NFC last season and are facing the LA Rams - the surprise team of the NFC in the 2017 season.
Led by quarterback Jared Goff (28 touchdown passes and only seven interceptions) and running back Todd Gurley (1,305 rush yards with 19 total touchdowns), the Rams have a power packed offense similar to what the Falcons displayed last year when they led the NFL in scoring.
The Rams averaged 29.9 points per game this season and also have wide receivers Cooper Kupp (62 receptions for 869 yards and five touchdowns) and Robert Woods, who made 56 catches for 781 yards and five touchdowns.
Atlanta features QB Matt Ryan (20 TD and 12 INT) along with running backs Devonta Freeman (865 yards and seven TD) and Tevin Coleman (628 yards and five TD) along with receivers Julio Jones (88 grabs for 1,444 yards but just three TD) and Mohamed Sanu, who had 67 receptions with five touchdowns.
Each team's defense can get after the opposing quarterback as the Rams had 48 sacks while the Falcons registered 39 take downs. The Rams allowed roughly 21 points per game while Atlanta allowed just under 20 points per game.
The New Orleans Saints have QB Drew Brees, who had a somewhat "down" year statistically but he didn't have to put up the usual eye popping numbers this season because he is surrounded by so many weapons on offense.
All-purpose rookie running back Alvin Kamara was sensational, rushing for 728 yards (6.1 ypc average) with eight touchdowns and also caught 81 passes for 826 yards and five more scores while also returning a kickoff 106 yards for another touchdown, giving him 14 total for the season.
Mark Ingram ran for 1,124 yards (4.9 ypc) and scored 12 touchdowns while Michael Thomas led all receivers with 104 receptions for 1,245 yards and five scores. Ted Ginn, Jr. had 53 grabs for 787 yards and four scores.
The Panthers counter with QB Cam Newton (22 TD passes and 16 picks) who can pass and run as he amassed 754 yards on the ground and scored six times rushing the football. Tight end Greg Olson played just seven games (broken foot) and had 17 receptions and gives Newton another outlet in a potent arsenal.
Wide receiver Devin Funchess (63, 840, eight TD) but questionable after suffering injury, along with rookie RB-WR Christian McCaffrey (435 rush yards with two TD) and 80 receptions for 651 yards and five more touchdowns, are capable threats in the passing game.
Both these teams can sack the quarterback as well. New Orleans had 42 sacks while the Panthers dropped the opposing QB 50 times this season. They both allowed 20 points per game in the regular season.
As far as the AFC is concerned, the Buffalo Bills make their first playoff appearance in 18 years and will travel to face the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars, who haven't been to the playoffs in ten years.
Bills QB Tyrod Taylor is a dual threat (427 rush yards with four TD and 14 TD passes with just four INT) and relies on RB LeSean McCoy (1,158 rush yards, six TD and 59 receptions with two TD) to propel the offense.
But McCoy suffered a sever ankle injury last week and will most likely be a game time decision for Buffalo. Expect him to go if it's even remotely possible. After all, this IS the NFL Playoffs.
The Jaguars offense centers around rookie running back Leonard Fournette (1,040 rush yards with nine TD and 36 catches with one TD this season) while QB Blake Bortles relies on Marqise Lee (56, 702, three TD) and Keelan Cole (42, 748, three TD) at wide receiver. Veteran TE Mercedes Lewis snared five TD catches this season.
Jacksonville's vaunted defense was second in the entire league allowing points (268) and registered a league high 55 QB sacks, with Calais Campbell getting 14 1/2 of those sacks. Jacksonville also had 21 interceptions this year. Meanwhile, the Bills intercepted 18 passes while allowing just over 22 points per game.
The Kansas City Chiefs finished the season strong, winning their final four games to put away the AFC West division and will look for their offense to remain high flying (112 points scored the last four games) behind QB Alex Smith and company.
Smith the led the NFL in passer rating this season (104.7) and had 26 TD passes with only six picks thrown. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt also finished strong after a long dry spell in the middle of the season. Hunt finished with 1,327 rushing yards (4.9 ypc) and had eight touchdowns.
The passing game thrives with Smith getting the ball to TE Travis Kelce (83, 1,038, eight TD) and Tyreek Hill, who made 75 receptions for 1,183 yards and seven touchdowns. Hill also had a kick return score this year.
The Titans are led by QB Marcus Mariota, who threw for 3,232 yards with pedestrian like numbers of 13 TD and 15 INT this season. Mariota is a good scrambler (5.2 ypc average with five TD) who can extend plays.
The running game is the bread and butter for the Titans, evidenced by their 18 rushing touchdowns this year. Rookie RB Derrick Henry ran for 744 yards and five scores while injured back DeMarco Murray had 659 rushing yards along with six touchdowns. Delanie Walker led Tennessee with 74 receptions for 807 yards and had three touchdowns. Rishard Matthews made 53 receptions for 795 yards and had four scoring receptions. Another weapon is Eric Decker, who had 54 receptions.
Both defenses create problems for the opposition as the Chiefs allowed just 21 points per game while the Titans gave up 22 points per contest. Kansas City had 31 sacks and made 16 interceptions. The Titans sacked the QB 42 times this year and just 88 yards per game rushing allowed while the secondary was led by Kevin Byard's eight picks.

Heftyinfo PREDICTIONS for Wild Card Round Games  (Home teams are listed in BOLD)

Kansas City over Tennessee
Atlanta over LA Rams 
Jacksonville over Buffalo
New Orleans over Carolina


Lock of the Week Record -  15-2

Monday, January 1, 2018

NFL - Week Seventeen Recap

The 2017 NFL regular season is now in the books and the teams in the playoffs include some expected teams and some big surprises considering the finishing records from last season.
The New England Patriots (13-3) rolled past the New York Jets, 26-6 as quarterback Tom Brady had a pair of touchdown passes.  The Pats will be the top seed in the AFC while the Pittsburgh Steelers (also 13-3) will be the number-two seed following their 28-24 win against the Cleveland Browns, who became just the second team in NFL history to finish the season with an 0-16 record.
Pittsburgh sat many starters in this one and still won the game as backup QB Landry Jones connected with wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster for a scoring pass. Smith-Schuster also took a kickoff back 96 yards for a score after the Browns had tied the game 21-21 in the third quarter.
The Buffalo Bills (9-7) are playoff bound for the first time since the 1999 season after they outlasted the host Miami Dolphins, 22-16 and got help when the Cincinnati Bengals stunned the Baltimore Ravens, 31-27 to knock Baltimore out of the playoff chase.
Buffalo used a balanced attack on offense and got three field goals from kicker Steven Hauschka to make the difference. Meanwhile, the Bengals squandered a 14-point lead and trailed the Ravens, 27-24 but QB Andy Dalton hooked up with WR Tyler Boyd on a 49-yard scoring pass with only 44 seconds remaining in the game to provide the excitement.
The Tennessee Titans (9-7) won a yawner game at home, 15-10 against AFC South division champion Jacksonville (10-6) to lock up a wild card spot as well. Titans kicker Ryan Succop made three field goals and running back Derrick Henry scored on a 66-yard screen pass to make the difference against the listless Jaguars, who wound up as the number-three seed in the AFC.
The Atlanta Falcons (10-6) clinched the sixth and final playoff spot in the NFC following their 22-10 win at home against the Carolina Panthers (11-5), who also are a wild card team (fifth seed) in the NFC.  Falcons kicker Matt Bryant made five field goals and QB Matt Ryan had a TD pass to provide the difference.

                                                 Around the NFL  . . . . . . . .    

The Minnesota Vikings (13-3) sewed up the second seed in the NFC with a 23-10 home win over the Chicago Bears, who, as expected, fired Head Coach John Fox this morning. Vikings RB Latavius Murray had two touchdown runs and the defense limited the Bears to just 201 yards in total offense . . .   The Tampa Bay Buccaneers stormed back in the fourth quarter to beat the visiting New Orleans Saints, 31-24 as QB Jameis Winston had a scoring pass and run to pace the offense. The Saints (11-5) are the NFC's fourth seed in the playoffs and all purpose back Alvin Kamara scored twice in the loss, including a 106-yard kickoff return . . . The Seattle Seahawks (9-7) were eliminated from the NFC playoff chase when the Atlanta Falcons won their game, but they lost 26-24 at home to the Arizona Cardinals (8-8) as kicker Blair Walsh missed a 48-yard field goal attempt in the closing seconds. Seattle QB Russell Wilson had two TD passes in the loss . . .  The Los Angeles Chargers (9-7) throttled the Oakland Raiders, 30-10 as QB Philip Rivers (387 passing yards and three TD strikes) did all he could to get his team into the AFC playoffs, but they didn't get the help needed when Baltimore lost their game and the Tennessee Titans won to clinch a wild card spot. The Raiders fired Head Coach Jack Del Rio after the game . . . The San Francisco 49ers finished the season a five-game winning streak as they pounded the Los Angeles Rams (11-5), the NFC's third seed in the playoffs, 34-13. 49ers RB Carlos Hyde scored twice and QB Jimmy Garoppolo had two scoring passes to lead the way . . .  The New York Giants beat the Washington Redskins, 18-10 as QB Eli Manning threw a TD pass and RB Orleans Darkwa scored on a 75-yard run . . . Kansas City (10-6) won 27-24 on the road at Denver as kicker Harrison Butker drilled a 30-yard field goal as time expired . . .  The Indianapolis Colts beat the visiting Houston Texans, 22-13 as QB Jacoby Brissett had a TD pass. The Colts fire Head Coach Chuck Pagano following the game . . . The Detroit Lions (9-7) also fired their Head Coach Jim Caldwell following their 35-11 trouncing of the visiting Green Bay Packers. Lions QB Matthew Stafford had three TD passes to go with 323 passing yards . . .  The Dallas Cowboys won a 6-0 road game against the Philadelphia Eagles (13-3), the NFC's top seed in the playoffs. The Eagles rested their starters in this game.

                        Heftyinfo NFL Player of the Week - Philip Rivers  (QB- Los Angeles Chargers)

New England 26, NY Jets 6
Pittsburgh 28, Cleveland 24
Minnesota 23, Chicago 10
Dallas 6, Philadelphia 0
NY Giants 18, Washington 10
Detroit 35, Green Bay 11
Indianapolis 22, Houston 13
San Francisco 34, LA Rams 13
LA Chargers 30, Oakland 10
Atlanta 22, Carolina 10
Tampa Bay 31, New Orleans 24
Tennessee 15, Jacksonville 10
Buffalo 22, Miami 16
Arizona 26, Seattle 24
Kansas City 27, Denver 24
Cincinnati 31, Baltimore 27