Sunday, May 31, 2015

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals Are Set

It will be the Chicago Blackhawks, going for their third Stanley Cup title in the last six years, taking on the upstart Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals.                                          

Take the Chicago Blackhawks in six games to win another championship.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Stew

Having been a long while since some observations have been posted here, it's time to break out the old go to in the blogging world ... the variety of thoughts regarding politics and sports.

With U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) now in the race for the presidency in 2016, will the main stream media FINALLY start putting some focus on real issues that millions of Americans deal with every day?
Bernie Sanders
Still doubtful on that one as the fact the Trans Pacific Partnership, another BAD trade deal for the USA, is being rammed down our throats by President Obama and the MSM just goes along with it, not pointing out the failures that NAFTA and CAFTA have been. No, they concentrate on the latest trending stories like the verdict of the Boston Marathon bomber case and the tragic Amtrak train wreck in Pennsylvania.
Granted, these are big news stories but they are not the only thing going on in the United States and they really don't affect millions of Americans like poverty (due to increasing wealth inequality in the USA) and unemployment, which eventually leads to what we saw in Baltimore a few weeks ago.
It's time the U.S. Congress stop catering to their corporate masters and focus on what really matters, serving the interests of millions (99 percent) of Americans in this country.
Not holding my breath on this one.

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush (pictured right) continuing to back track on his statements he would go into Iraq just like brother George did twelve years ago. The brother of the former U.S. President said knowing what he now knows, he wouldn't have done anything different than George, Jr. did in 2003 and when the blow back hit, all of a sudden Jebbers realized he put his foot in mouth BIG TIME.
Too late!

How about that American Pharoah?
The thoroughbred won the Preakness Stakes (in Baltimore) yesterday by nearly seven lengths and will go for the triple crown of horse racing at the Belmont Stakes in three weeks. However, the Kentucky Derby winner is facing tough odds as the feat hasn't been accomplished in that sport since 1978, which was 37 years ago.
Good luck!

The republican "clown car" of 2016 presidential campaign hopefuls continues to grow each week and rumors are swirling that Sarah Palin, the woman who just won't go away, may jump into the race.

Norman Goldman with Jim Irwin in Chicago
On a more personal and local note, political talk radio host Norman Goldman came to Chicago this past week and talked on a variety of political topics with live audiences in a two-day period. Yours truly was in attendance at one of the venues and let me tell you, this man doesn't hold back.
In particular, Goldman assured the audience he is all for Bernie Sanders being in the race for president in 2016, but that he must change his "sales" approach if he wants to have a legitimate shot of beating Hillary Clinton for the nomination. Calling yourself a "Democratic socialist" won't play well in this country even if your proposals are in tune with the 99 percent of Americans.
Fair enough.

Finally, Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and here's hoping people all across the land will take some time off to relax from the daily grind and enjoy themselves with family and friends this year.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

US Senate, Obama Stab American People In The Back

By having a "re-do" vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership deal which (for secret reasons unknown) President Obama has been enthusiastically supporting, the US Senate stabbed the American people in the back with approval of yet another BAD TRADE DEAL for the United States.
The only beneficiaries of this piece of crap trade deal is the greedy corporations that wrote it.
All in all, the TPP is a bad deal for the United States of America.
However, Obama and the US Senate sold out and went against the will of the American people on this agenda.
The sad part is that just TWO DAYS AGO, the US Senate did the right thing and rejected so called "fast track" authority for approval by Obama to get the deal through. So as usual, the rich bastards get their way and the hard working American people will get screwed yet again.
Thanks a lot assholes, and yes that does include you, President Obama!
I am through with these corporate cock suckers, and that's exactly what these people who support this shady business are.
Corporate cock suckers!
The media is totally ignoring this as they clamor about in the aftermath of the train crash the other night outside of Philadelphia.
But that is so typical of the fourth estate in the USA these days. Because after all, they too are bought and paid for by the corporate world.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Patriots QB Tom Brady Suspended Four Games By The NFL

NFL Golden Boy Tom Brady was handed down a FOUR GAME suspension by the NFL today for his role in the now infamous New England Patriots "deflategate" scandal last season.
The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl (thanks to the Seattle Seahawks gift wrapping it for them) and Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick got their fourth title since the 2001 season.
In addition, the Patriots were fined One Million dollars and have to forfeit two draft picks (first and fourth round) for the next two seasons.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Give It Up Rauner

Illinois "governor" Bruce Rauner continues to get trampled upon with his so called "right to work" FOR LESS MONEY zones in Illinois.

Keep it going citizens of Illinois!

Send this bozo packing!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

End Of An Era?

THE SPURS BIG THREE - Duncan, Parker and Ginobili
With the San Antonio Spurs falling 111-109 in Game Seven to the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA Playoffs, it may well be the end of an era unlike any other in the history of professional sports.
This team won five NBA championships ranging back to 1999 until last year when they dethroned the Miami Heat in five games, dominating the great LeBron James.
This team won 50 games or more for an NBA record 16 consecutive seasons and have had three future Hall-of-Fame players in Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili along with a HOF Head Coach in Gregg Popovich.
Having been on the scene as a sound operating engineer at old Chicago Stadium with the Chicago Bulls for their first three-peat (1990-91 to 1992-93 seasons)  I was witness to the greatest player ever at the NBA level in Michael Jordan.
The Spurs teams aren't what those Bulls teams were but they have been awfully damn close.
Trust me I was right there and I know.
The consistency they have displayed over the past 18 years Duncan and Popovich have been together for them is simply incredible at any level of sports competition, let alone at the pro level.
So even though they had an early exit from the post-season this time around, don't expect them to just pack it up and start being a crappy team. The Spurs have been a great team to watch and the NBA may not see another team have a run like this ever again.
Not even the great Chicago Bulls teams of the 1990's were able to sustain the long period of consistency the San Antonio Spurs have had.
It's really unfortunate a phantom foul call helped decide the outcome of a fantastic Game Seven tonight in Los Angeles. Hey referees, you DO NOT call a foul on a player the caliber of Tim Duncan in that situation. He didn't touch Chris Paul, but the shot clanked off the rim and then the whistle sounded. That sequence kept the Clippers alive late in the fourth quarter.
Go figure!
But that is life in the air tight NBA folks . . . trust me I know because I have been there and have seen it up close.
The Spurs aren't the marketing prizes like Paul and Blake Griffin and Steph Curry and LeBron James are, so ...
Yeah it may be the end of an era but the greatness of the San Antonio Spurs is second to none in the annals of NBA history.
The BIG THREE of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili is equal to or greater than any other Big Three the NBA now has or has ever seen.

Thank you San Antonio Spurs, you did good.