Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just a suggestion for all of the controversy over Tim Tebow's spot that is to air during the Super Bowl next weekend regarding his thanking his mother for not having an abortion and deciding to have him.
It seems that people are taking offense or staunchly defending the decision by CBS deciding to air this spot from James Dobson's "Focus on the Family" showing Tebow and mom in the spot.
Tebow is known for wearing the "eye black" sticker patches with bible verses under his eyes during games.
That is his choice, but what would Jesus do?
Once again, a suggestion would be for him to perhaps wear patches with the reference to Matthew 6: 5-8 which Christ Himself spoke regarding prayer and personal devotion when it comes to public displays regarding one's personal beliefs.
Just a suggestion because this "controversy" should be anything but.
Religion is a personal matter and one should NOT force one's views on another when it comes to devotion.
All that being said, when it comes down to it, this too shall pass and people will focus on the game on Super Bowl Sunday.
Enjoy the game.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints will face each other in the Super Bowl in Miami in two weeks.
Peyton Manning vs. Drew Brees.
The Colts stopped the upstart New York Jets, 30-17 with a second half domination as Manning threw for 377 yards and three touchdowns against the vaunted Jets' defense. In addition, the Colts out rushed the Jets, 101-86 in yardage. The running game is supposed to be the bread and butter for the Jets while the Colts are considered a weak running team.
New York controlled the game for most of the first half, leading 17-6 after a Jay Feely field goal. Earlier, rookie QB Mark Sanchez (257 yards passing with two TDs and one INT) threw a nine-yard scoring pass to tight end Dustin Keller to make it 14-6.
The Colts had a 3-0 lead after a Matt Stover field goal, but then the Jets struck quickly with a 80-yard scoring pass from Sanchez to wide receiver Braylon Edwards to take a 7-3 lead.
The Colts cut New York's lead to 17-13 at halftime when Manning threw the first of his three TD passes to Austin Collie.
The Jets simply could not solve Manning in the second half as he picked their defense apart by continually going to Pierre Garcon (11 catches for 151 yards and TD) and Collie (7 grabs for 123 yards and TD).
Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark were under wraps early, but they also contributed in the win as Manning made "Revis Island" (the nickname for Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Derrel Revis) look more like "Gilligan's Island" with his pin-point passing that sent the Colts to their second Super Bowl in the last four years.
Meanwhile, the Saints won a thriller over the Minnesota Vikings, 31-28 in overtime to gain their first ever Super Bowl appearance.
Saints QB Drew Brees threw for 197 yards and three TDs in the win, which came on a 40-yard field goal by Garrett Hartley in the extra session.
The OT had some controversy as a questionable pass interference call against Minnesota gave the Saints the ball inside Minnesota's 25-yard line to help set up the game winning kick by Hartley.
Vikings legendary quarterback Brett Favre passed for 310 yards and a TD, but threw two interceptions; the second being very costly as Minnesota had the ball at the Saints' 38 with 20 seconds left in regulation.
Saints defensive back Tracy Porter stepped in front of Vikings' wideout Sidney Rice and made the big interception.
Adrian Peterson had a big day for the Vikings, scoring three touchdowns while rushing for 122 yards on 25 carries, but he also had the fumble bug again in this game.
Minnesota fumbled six times, losing three of them, including a HUGE turnover just before halftime inside the Saints 10-yard line when Favre and Peterson botched the handoff exchange.
The game remained tied 14-14 at halftime as a result of the Minnesota miscue.
The Saints took the opening kick in the second half and marched to another score to take a 21-14 lead on Pierre Thomas' nine yard scoring run. The Vikings came back to tie the game at 21-21 on Peterson's second rushing TD of the game from two yards.
New Orleans responded with a five yard scoring pass from Brees to Reggie Bush to make it 28-21. Peterson answered that one with his third rushing TD of the contest from one yard out to knot the game at 28-28.
But Minnesota turned it over yet again in the final seconds and the game went into overtime.
So it will indeed be those two teams that once were both 13-0 in mid-December and then fell off prior to the playoffs.
But the Colts and Saints appear to have found their magic winning formulas once again and should provide for an exciting Super Bowl on February 7th in Miami.
In a bit of irony, the father of Peyton Manning, Archie Manning, played most of his NFL career with... the New Orleans Saints.
Stay tuned.

Voters... we don't need any stinking voters

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Based on the U. S. Supreme Court ruling regarding corporate powers to donate unlimited contribution amounts to the political candidates of their choice, WE THE PEOPLE have become (as I have been saying we eventually would) the Corporate States of America!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What are we, stupid or what?
The neo-con propaganda machine known also as Fox "News" has gone too far this time as they continually insult Americans' intelligence levels with their inane ramblings of just how bad things are in the United States of America because of President Barack Obama's policies.
I have some real news for you ditto-heads, former President George Bush, Jr. (yeah Junior) left a complete mess for the current administration to have to clean up and that may take decades to do.
So the Dick Cheney disciple, Scott Brown (whoever the hell he is... he may not even have been born in this country for all we know... sound familiar?) is the senator-elect from the shameful state of Massachusetts.
The late Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave following this sham.
The facts are this... Bush & Cheney, with a tiny majority in the House & Senate, crammed all sorts of bad legislation down the public's throats in their eight years in office.
The people sent them a message in 2006 and then again in 2008 with a clean sweep of the board as the Democratic party continues to control the House, Senate and the White House.
This is not a game people, there are real lives that could be at stake here with people dying needlessly due to lack of health insurance coverage.
To have some doofus who just parrots the hard "right wing" line and looks down at people who don't share their ideology sit his ass in Kennedy's former seat is a travesty.
This isn't a sports competition and shouldn't be treated as such. But there was Curt Schilling, a former major league baseball pitcher, stumping for Brown and yammering on about the election with Fox "News" personality Sean Hannity.
People from all walks of life need to wake up and realize that the corporate agenda has been ruling our country for the past fifty years and that isn't to going to change no matter who is in control; whether it's the Democratic party, the Republican party or whoever.
Book It!
The GOP, party of "No" has a new member in the Senate and now they will obstruct even more because there will no longer be a 60-40 "super" majority for the Dems. Not that they used it very well since last year, evidenced by their constant caving in to their minority opponents in the Congress regarding health care reform.
Know this... if the trend continues and the pendulum swings back quickly (because it ALWAYS swings back and forth) rather than slowly, get ready for more bullshit from the right wingers as they gloat on their success.
The American people cannot be stupid enough to let that happen after Bush & Cheney rode rough shod all over the good, hard working American people for eight years while their Wall Street cronies made out literally, like thieves.
You people up there in the New England area have been had by the right wing propaganda machine, also known as Fox "News".
Shame on Massachusetts!

How did we get here?

Monday, January 18, 2010

All bets are off

When it comes to the NFL, simply throw logic out the window because anything is possible once the game starts.
Take all talk and pre-game hype that ESPN, NFL Network and any other venues offer up and trash them because they don't know squat once the game begins.
None of us does.
The New York Jets are latest example of this as they try to emulate their big brothers of two years ago in their quest to win the Super Bowl title.
The 2007 New York Giants came from nowhere to stun the unbeaten New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42 by a 17-14 count.
The New York Jets, fresh off their stunning 17-14 "upset" of the San Diego Chargers in the playoffs now face the mighty Indianapolis Colts, led by league MVP Peyton Manning, who already has a Super Bowl title to his credit.
The Colts, just like in Super Bowl III, are heavy favorites to whoop up on the Jets and "logic" says they will do just that.
C'mon man!
Don't fall for that crap because history proves the underdogs win in the post-season and the last four years proves just that when it comes to the NFL.
The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers were the frickin' sixth seed (for crying out loud) and then stunned everybody by winning three road games en route to their eventual Super Bowl title.
The 2006 Indy Colts came from nowhere after limping into the playoffs and, just like this season, received a huge favor as their nemesis (San Diego Chargers) was eliminated prior to them having to face them in the post-season, paving the way for them to capture the Super Bowl title by beating the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl 41.
The New York Giants followed that act in 2007 with three road wins (like the Steelers of '05) and won the Super Bowl.
Last season, the '08 Arizona Cardinals, with their gaudy 9-7 record (just like the 2009 Jets), made it to the NFC title game and then beat the favored Philadelphia Eagles to advance to the Super Bowl. But the magic ended as the Pittsburgh Steelers took it away from them in the final minute of play to capture the title of Super Bowl 43 champions with a thrilling 27-23 comeback win.
The point of all this is that ANYTHING is possible and people cannot just pencil in the Colts as AFC champions to face either the Minnesota Vikings or New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl 44 this year.
The Colts should beat the Jets, and put to rest that they were fools to trash a perfect season after pulling their starters that gave the game to the Jets in Week 16, allowing the Jets to sneak into the playoffs, where they now face the mighty Colts.
Wouldn't it be sweet justice if the Jets knocked the Colts off and advanced to the Super Bowl?
Fact is if the Colts didn't pull the starters in that game,when they were well on their way to victory that would have eliminated the New York Jets from playoff contention, then "Gang Green" would be sitting at home watching another team face the Colts.
Oh for a Jets victory to teach the Indy Colts a valuable lesson... when you have them down, keep them down and don't give them any chance to haunt you.
The Jets, with rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez (pictured above left), are riding high and feel they can take on the world right now.
Maybe they will win... but don't count on it happening for them this time.
In the NFC, ho hum, it's the Vikings and Saints going at it with Brett Favre vs. Drew Brees and all that good stuff.
Two powerful offenses facing off for teams that also feature opportunistic defenses to keep their opponents honest.
Something has to give and the game is in New Orleans right?
All bets are off because this is the NFL and the visitors have the old man in purple who wears number four.
Favre just may cook up some more of that "Cajun' Magic" and shock the Saints to lead the Vikings to their first Super Bowl appearance since Fran Tarkenton was calling the plays in the great white north of Minnesota.
Yes, it has been that long Vikings fans.
Both games should be exciting... but remember, all bets are off when it comes to the NFL in the post-season.
History proves that... I guarantee it.
Isn't that right, Joe "Willie" Namath?

Here are heftyinfo's picks for this Sunday's games...

AFC Championship Game

Indianapolis over NY Jets

NFC Championship Game

Minnesota over New Orleans

Last week's playoff record: 3-1

Total post-season record: 6-2

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home cookin' for three teams and the Chargers choke again

Maybe it pays to run one's mouth and not be humble when it comes to sportsmanship because New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan (just like his father Buddy Ryan) insisted his team should be the favorites to win the Super Bowl.
The New York Jets are one step closer to the big game after shocking the San Diego Chargers, 17-14 in the final game of the Divisional Round playoffs.
The other three games this past weekend were all won by the host teams in blowout fashion as the Vikings, Colts and Saints advanced to their respective conference championship games.
The Colts beat the Baltimore Ravens, 20-3 on Saturday night in a yawner game that saw Peyton Manning hit Austin Collie and Reggie Wayne with touchdown passes to seal the win before halftime.
The Saints completely destroyed the Arizona Cardinals, 45-14 as Drew Brees threw for three touchdowns and Reggie Bush accounted for two more scores with a 83-yard punt return and a 46-yard touchdown run for New Orleans.
The Minnesota Vikings blew away the Dallas Cowboys, 34-3 to advance to play the Saints in the NFC Championship Game in the Big Easy. Vikings QB Brett Favre was brilliant with four touchdown passes and Sidney Rice (six catches for 141 yards) scored three touchdowns.
The Vikings defense dominated as Dallas QB Tony Romo was sacked six times and the Cowboys could not get anything going offensively in the game.
The only exciting game the entire weekend was the Jets' upset of the Chargers.
New York hung around and hung around trailing just 7-0 at halftime and then opened the running game up in the second half as the Chargers turned the ball over twice with interceptions (one a total fluke play) that gave the Jets life in the game.
Rookie QB Mark Sanchez hit tight end Dustin Keller for a three-yard scoring pass early in the fourth quarter to put the Jets ahead 10-7 and when Shonn Greene scored on a 53-yard run with seven minutes left, the underdogs from the Big Apple were ahead for good at 17-7.
Chargers' QB Philip Rivers was able to drive the team for a score with just over two minutes remaining to make it 17-14. The Jets recovered the onside kickoff and got a first down to put the game away.
The difference in the football game turned out to be the kicking game as San Diego's 2009 All-Pro kicker Nate Kaeding MISSED three field goals in the game, two of them very makable kicks from 36 and 40 yards out.
On the other side, the Jets' Jay Feely made his 46-yard attempt to provide the final difference.
This game was eerily similar to the Chargers' playoff game loss to the New England Patriots following the 2006 season as they made too many mistakes and the small brakes (that make differences in football games) ALL went the way of the New York Jets in their nail biting win.
Now it's on to the next round with the Jets facing the Indianapolis Colts, who have got to be breathing a HUGE sigh of relief facing New York rather than San Diego which is the team that eliminated the Colts each of the last two playoffs, next Sunday in Indy while Minnesota is at New Orleans.

Friday, January 15, 2010

NFL FOOTBALL- Divisonal Round Previews

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

The J-E-T-S Jets are flying to San Diego to face the best team in the NFL this weekend.
The Chargers have won 11 games in a row and are expected to advance to their second AFC Championship Game in three years.
The Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan, is doing his best impersonation of his dad, Buddy Ryan, with the brash predictions for his team.
The Chargers have an explosive offense and the highest scoring team in the AFC while the Jets boast the stingiest defense in the entire NFL and can stop opponents' passing games in a heart beat.
Something has to give, right?
The last time these two teams played each other, Brett Favre was the quarterback in New York and the Chargers smashed the Jets 49-29 on a Monday Night Football game.
San Diego's defense is getting NO respect at all and all they have done is steadily improve against the run and pass all season long and they are facing a ROOKIE QB this weekend.
Lights Out!
The Chargers can get after it defensively as well and with their offense, led by QB Philip Rivers and bolstered by wide receivers Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd, Legedu Naanee and All-Pro Tight End Antonio Gates, is simply awesome. It doesn't hurt to have LaDainian Tomilnson and Darren Sproles in the backfield either.
The Jets simply do not match up offensively with the Chargers, even with Thomas Jones running the football.
Mark Sanchez is the quarterback and threw 20 interceptions in the regular season. His receivers include Braylon Edwards, Tight End Dustin Kellar and Jerhico Cotchery. The backup running back is Shonn Jones, another rookie who had a big day in the wild card game win over Cincinnati last week.
The Jets defense will look to pressure Philip Rivers into mistakes, much like Pittsburgh and Denver did early in the season, when the Chargers got off to their usual slow start at 2-3.
These two teams have been hot, evidenced by San Diego's 11-game winning streak and the Jets three-game streak and six wins in their last seven games.
If the Jets can hang tough with San Diego into the late stages of the game, they will definitely have a shot at winning this game. If this one turns into a shoot out, the Jets will get clobbered in much the same manner the Tennessee Titans did three weeks ago against the Chargers in a 42-17 loss.
The Chargers should win this game, barring a major letdown on BOTH sides of the football.

Here are heftyinfo's playoff picks for this weekend's games...

Saturday's Games

New Orleans over Arizona
Indianapolis over Baltimore

Sunday's Games

Minnesota over Dallas
San Diego over NY Jets

Last Week's playoff picks record: 3-1

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NFL PLAYOFFS- Divisional Round Previews

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings

The Dallas defense will be blitzing as they come off the team bus when they face the Vikings on Sunday afternoon in the Metrodome.
Getting to Vikings' quarterback Brett Favre will be the key to the game as the Dallas Cowboys look to continue the roll they have been on since surprising the New Orleans Saints a month ago.
If the Dallas defense cannot apply steady pressure on the 40-year old signal caller, it could be a long day for the 'Pokes.
Favre and his favorite target Sidney Rice have been riding high all season long. It doesn't stop there either as Favre can choose from Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin, Vinsanthe Shiancoe, and either Adrian Peterson or Chester Taylor out of the backfield.
The fact the Dallas "Doomsday" defense has held opponents to 17 points or less in four straight games is impressive. The Saints scored just 17 against the Cowboys' defense, then the Redskins and Eagles were shut out before the defense limited Philly to just 14 points in the wild card round of the NFC playoffs last week.
The Vikings stumbled down the stretch, even though they rebounded to pound the Giants in the season finale to lock up a first round bye in the playoffs.
The Minnesota defense was strong for most of the season, but when Jared Allen and the rest of the defense can't get pressure on opposing quarterbacks, the secondary has been getting lit up as evidenced by Arizona's Kurt Warner and Carolina's Matt Moore in blowout wins by their teams over Minnesota in December.
Dallas quarterback Tony Romo has a clear head this post-season and has put the ghosts of failures past behind him for the time being in leading the Cowboys' resurgent offense.
Felix Jones had a huge game last week running the football against the Eagles and Tashard Choice and (if healthy) Marion Barber III will contribute against the Vikings defense.
Romo has several targets in Roy Williams, Jason Witten, Sam Hurd, Miles Austin and the backs
previously mentioned.
If the game turns into a shoot out, look for Minnesota to pull away and win easily, but if Dallas can maintain it's game plan of late to control the football and game clock and play solid defense, they will likely find themselves in the NFC Championship Game next week.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Truer words were never so aptly spoken when George Bush, Sr. said this over 20 years ago in his campaign for President of the United States.
The problem was, he had to raise taxes and it cost him as Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States four short years later.
Will Barack Obama meet the same fate if he reneges on his promises of no higher taxes on the middle class while at the same time raising taxes on the wealthiest 2% of the nation as the George Bush, Jr. tax cuts expire?
We shall see because Obama is all for a tax on medical coverage benefits, something which then Republican candidate John McCain was all for in 2008 and which was part of the reason he lost the election in a landslide to Obama.
That's the problem with these politicians, right or left, Democratic or Republican, liberal, conservative ... it just doesn't matter because they eventually become boot lickers (I will keep the language clean this time around) of the corporations and their lobbyists and the hell with the rest of us.
MSNBC's Ed Schultz hit the nail right on the head earlier this evening on "The Ed Show" when he stated that President Obama must not listen to the advisers giving him this bad direction and he must not abandon his base.
Whether or not Obama heeds this straight talking advice from "big Ed" remains to be seen, but one thing for sure... Obama should do his history research and learn a lesson from the elder Bush when he was in the oval office.
Read My Lips...


NFL PLAYOFFS- Divisional Round Previews

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts

The Baltimore Ravens, fresh off their blow out win at New England last week, are heading into Indianapolis to face the mighty Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday night's prime time game.
This figures to be an exciting game as the last time these two teams met in Baltimore back in November, the game went down to the wire with the Colts winning a close game.
Baltimore's defense, led by perennial Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis against the NFL MVP Peyton Manning and the Colts high flying offense.
The Colts (14-2) boast the NFL's best record heading into this one while the Ravens (10-7) feel they aren't getting enough respect because they had to struggle to make the playoff party this season after a great 2008 post-season run that saw them reach the AFC Championship Game before losing to eventual Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh.
Baltimore relies on the running game, led by Ray Rice (159 yards rushing and two TDs against the Patriots last week) and Willis McGahee. Pro Bowl fullback LeRon McClain also factors in the running game while quarterback Joe Flacco will be called upon to keep the Indy defense honest with the passing game, which put the ball up just ten times in the win against New England.
The Colts, led by Manning, will come out gunning against the Ravens, which at times this season have been suspect against the pass.
With Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon and Pro Bowl Tight End Dallas Clark along with running backs Joseph Addai and Donald Brown, the Colts can strike from anywhere at any time and the Ravens know this. Count on Baltimore's defense to apply heavy pressure against the Colts offense.
The best chance for the Ravens to win this game is to run, run and run some more to keep the Colts' offense OFF the field. That approach didn't work for Miami when they faced the Colts in September.
The Dolphins held the ball for over 40 minutes against the Colts and still came up short as Manning & company drove at will when they had the football.
The Ravens defense is far better than Miami's without question. But the pass defense for the Ravens is suspect and if they cannot apply steady pressure on Manning, he will pick them apart.
The game should be competitive barring mass turnovers on either side or a significant injury. The Colts are favored and should be (especially playing at home) against Baltimore in this game. The Ravens are a hungry team and the Colts cannot take them lightly or it could be a long night in Indianapolis for the home team.
Stay tuned... because that is why they play the games.

Monday, January 11, 2010

NFL PLAYOFFS- Divisional Round Previews

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints

The Cardinals (11-6) toppled the Green Bay Packers, 51-45 in OT last week and now travel to the Big Easy in New Orleans to face the Saints (13-3), a team that has lost three straight games after starting 13-0 in the 2009 season.
Both of these teams can light up the scoreboard as evidenced by the Saints leading the NFL in scoring for the second consecutive season.
Both teams feature awesome passing attacks and fairly solid running games. Not great running games but enough to keep opposing defenses honest as far as pass defense is concerned.
So will this be a high scoring game?
The odds are good that it will be, especially since it is being played in the Super Dome, where the Saints can really get it going with the crowd noise and all of that hoopla.
The crowd noise and all the hype surrounding this game will NOT intimidate Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner.
Warner is a cagey veteran who has seen it all, including three Super Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl MVP trophy when his St. Louis Rams won it all a decade ago.
The Saints are led by QB Drew Brees, who had another stellar season and has great targets in wide receivers Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, Marques Colston and Robert Meacham as well as tight end Jeremy Shockey and a backfield tandem of Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush.
Arizona counters with Warner's favorite targets Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, along with Steve Breaston and Early Doucet. In the backfield, Arizona has Tim Hightower and Chris "Beanie" Wells grinding it out to keep the defenses honest.
No one is expecting much from either of these teams' defenses in this contest, so that may well mean they can step it up for one game and keep the scoring down somewhat.
It's doubtful that will happen, but you never know in the NFL playoffs.
The Saints scored eight touchdowns on defense this season while Arizona won the wild card game over the Packers with a defensive score in the extra session. That is something to think about when analyzing these opportunistic defenses.
In all likelihood, expect a high scoring game that may go down to the wire if the Cardinals do not fall behind by more than one score early in the game.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ravens smash Patriots, Cardinals survive the Pack in OT

The Wild Card playoff games were for the "birds" on Sunday afternoon.

The Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals put on a show late Sunday afternoon in the desert and when it was all over, the teams combined for over 1,000 yards of total offense that saw the Cardinals defeat the Packers, 51-45 in overtime.
The game was highest scoring playoff game in NFL history.
The Cardinals stormed out to a 17-0 lead after the first quarter and led 31-10 early in the third quarter after quarterback Kurt Warner (29 of 33 with 5 TD passes and 379 yards) hit Larry Fitzgerald with a 33-yard scoring pass.
The Packers outscored Arizona 35-10 over the final two quarters as quarterback Aaron Rodgers (28 for 42 with four TD passes and 422 yards) shook off an interception on his first playoff pass attempt to lead the comeback charge for the Pack.
Rodgers hit James Jones for a 30-yard scoring pass to make it 38-31 and when the Packers scored again in the first minute of the final quarter, the game was tied 38-38.
The Cardinals came back to regain the lead on Warner's fifth TD pass of the game and then the Packers tied it again in the final two minutes.
Cardinals' kicker Neil Rackers missed a potential game-winning 34-yard field goal in the closing seconds that sent the game into overtime.
The Packers had the ball first but on third down, Rodgers was stripped of the football and Karlos Dansby picked the ball out of the air and raced 17 yards for the winning score to finally end the madness and send the Cardinals to the Divisional Round against the New Orleans Saints next Saturday. Dallas is at Minnesota on Sunday in the other NFC Divisional playoff game.
The Cardinals rushed for 156 yards compared to just 90 yards rushing for Green Bay.
In the AFC Wild Card Game earlier on Sunday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens ran over, through and around the New England Patriots to the tune of 234 yards rushing in a 33-14 trouncing that was never even close to being a game.
The Ravens raced ahead 24-0 after the first quarter and never looked back as Ray Rice (22 carries for 159 yards with two TDs) ran 83 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage to set the tone.
Patriots' QB Tom Brady (23 of 42 for 154 yards with two TD passes and three INT) suffered through the worst playoff performance of his career as he threw an interception and the Ravens quickly cashed in with another TD run by LeRon McClain to make it 14-0.
The Ravens added another 10 points to finish the first quarter at 24-0 before Brady finally got the Pats on the board with a TD pass to Julian Edelmann, who was filling in for the injured Wes Welker, to make it 24-7 at halftime.
The second half was just a formality as the Ravens continued to grind it out while Brady was scrambling for his life amid the fierce Ravens' defense.
The Ravens will travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts next Saturday while the New York Jets face the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.