Thursday, April 30, 2015

Go Bernie Go

Bernie Sanders, United States Senator from Vermont, announces he is running for President of the United States in the 2016 election.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Americans Are Fed Up

The average American citizen has been getting dumped on more and more and more and more ... you get the point.
So is it any wonder the riots taking place in Baltimore and other towns and cities across the United States are becoming the norm these days?
One cannot expect the "average" American to take all the crap that is being dished out on them as people have their rights stripped away and settle for increasingly worse jobs as the plutocrats send the once good paying jobs overseas to slave wage countries.
Throw in the fact that police forces across America have been militarized and suppress the people when they have had enough of the corporate oligarchic oppression that has gotten worse in recent years.

This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA damn it!

People do not have to stand for all the crap they are put under by these assholes who somehow seem to think they are above it all (including the law) and somehow better than everyone else living in this country.
Fuck corporate America and their puppet politicians and U.S. Supreme Court that they have control over (for the time being) in recent years.
That too will change and it is about damn time the people rise up against these heartless, soulless bastards.
God Bless America ... but God damn corporate controlled America!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

NO Deal Is A Good Deal

JUST SAY NO TO THE TPP - Trans Pacific Partnership ... It sucks all the way around for everybody who isn't in the small circles of the rich multi-national corporations.

What An Asshat

Hello, my name is Bruce Rauner and I am the dictator (oops) I mean the governor of Illinois.  I want to take everything you working stiffs have and give it to myself and my rich friends and business associates.
Thanks for putting me in as your dictator (oops I said it again) governor.

Friday, April 17, 2015

NBA Playoffs Preview

The 2014-15 NBA Playoffs get started this weekend and it will be a long struggle for the next two months as the top teams from both the Eastern and Western Conferences will go at it for the NBA title.
The defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs have been red hot down the stretch and may very well be the team to beat once again despite their sixth-seed status in the West.
The Golden State Warriors had the best record in the league this season (67-15) and are the top seed in the Western Conference while the Atlanta Hawks (60-22) led the Eastern Conference this year.
The match ups will no doubt be up for grabs in the rugged West bracket while it appears the Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers (number-two seed in the East) will likely meet each other to advance to the finals in June.
One thing is for sure, the NBA Playoffs will be exciting once again this spring just as they were a year ago when the Spurs captured their fifth NBA title in a five game series win over the Miami Heat.
For a more detailed look at the first round match ups, the following offers a capsule style preview with predictions for the remainder of the post-season and NBA Finals as well.


Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets - The Nets have been hot down the stretch and the Hawks have some injuries to deal with entering the post-season.  Pick- Hawks in SIX GAMES

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics - This should be over in a hurry as LeBron and company are gearing for a deep playoff run.  Pick- Cavs in FIVE GAMES

Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks -  The Bucks go from worst to playoffs in one year, but that's as far as they go.  Pick-  Bulls in FOUR GAMES

Toronto Raptors vs. Washington Wizards - This series could go either way.  Pick-  Wizards in SEVEN GAMES


Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans - Stephen Curry and the Warriors will not be denied by the Pelicans.  Pick-  Warriors in FOUR GAMES

Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks - The Mavericks could spring a surprise on the Rockets.  Pick-  Rockets in SEVEN GAMES

Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs - This series might go down to the wire.  Pick-  Spurs in SIX GAMES

Portland Trailblazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies - The Grizzlies and Blazers both have been perennial playoff failures in recent seasons, so something has to give here.  Pick-  Grizzlies in SEVEN GAMES

The Heftyinfo predictions for the rest of the NBA Playoffs    . . . . . . .


Atlanta over Washington in five games
Cleveland over Chicago in six games


Golden State over Memphis is six games
San Antonio over Houston in six games


Cleveland over Atlanta in six games


San Antonio over Golden State in six games



                                               NBA FINALS     

                                  San Antonio Spurs over Cleveland Cavaliers in seven games

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NHL Playoffs Preview

The NHL Playoffs get started tonight and for the next two months, 16 teams will go at it for hockey supremacy.
One thing for sure is the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings will NOT repeat as champions this time around because they failed to make the playoffs.
The match ups for each conference look to be wide open and it should go down to the wire in most of the first round series.

The following offers a capsule style look at the opening round matches and predictions for the Stanley Cup Finals.


New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins - The Rangers (113 points to lead the NHL) have been solid all season long and should oust the Penguins in SIX GAMES.

New York Islanders vs. Washington Capitals - This series should go the full SEVEN GAMES with the Islanders emerging on top.

Montreal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators - The Canadiens have been one of the best defensive teams all season long and this series will be a good one.  Take the Habs in SEVEN GAMES.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Detroit Red Wings - It's the Lightning striking for the series win in SEVEN GAMES.


Anaheim Ducks vs. Winnipeg Jets - The Ducks are ripe for an upset once again as the playoffs get started, but expect them to advance past the Jets in SEVEN GAMES.

Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames - It's the Flames moving on in this one in SEVEN GAMES.

St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild - Don't be surprised if the surging Wild stuns the Blues in this one ... However, picking the Blues in SEVEN GAMES.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators - The Hawks take this series in SIX GAMES.

The rest of the playoffs will then go as follows  (maybe)  . . . . .


Semi Finals
Montreal over Tampa Bay
NY Rangers over NY Islanders

Conference Finals
Montreal over NY Rangers


Semi Finals
Anaheim over Calgary
St. Louis over Chicago

Conference Finals
St. Louis over Anaheim

                                                              STANLEY CUP FINALS

                                                            Montreal Canadiens over St. Louis Blues

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces Run For White House

How about that?  What took her so long?                                        
But given the political climate in this country these days, why am I not excited about this?


Monday, April 6, 2015

Duke Wins NCAA Basketball Championship

The Duke Blue Devils defeated the Wisconsin Badgers, 68-63 in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship on Monday night before a sellout crowd in Indianapolis.
It was the school's fifth National Championship, all won under Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski. The Blue Devils won their second title in the last six seasons as well.
Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils, the 2014-15 NCAA Basketball Champions!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL - 2015 Season Preview

The 2015 Major League Baseball season gets started and it looks to be another wide open affair once again this year.
The San Francisco Giants won it all again last year as they defeated the surprising Kansas City Royals in seven games to capture the World Series title.
But that was last year and there are changes abound entering the new season, especially in Chicago where both the Cubs and White Sox have made many changes and their fan base is very optimistic entering the new season.
The Cubs plucked the biggest prize in the free agent pool when they signed starting pitcher Jon Lester and also added Manager Joe Maddon to lead the way. Meanwhile, the White Sox inked outfielder Melky Cabrera, infielder Adam LaRoche and pitchers Jeff Samardzija and (closer) David Robertson. They are expected to make a move up in the American League Central division this year, which suddenly looks to be baseball's most competitive entering the 2015 season.
The pennant races promise to offer many surprises and expectations all summer long and who knows what to expect any more following the post-season a year ago that saw the Royals and Giants emerge from nowhere to play in the Fall Classic.
The following offers a capsule style look at each of the divisions in the American and National Leagues while also attempting to predict the post-season and World Series winner.


Eastern Division
1.  Washington - The Nationals are loaded with starting pitching and have no excuses not to win this division and possibly the World Series this year.
2.  Miami  (wild card) - The Marlins may very well be a wild card team this year.
3.  New York Mets - Good pitching, decent lineup could add up to a winning record in 2015.
4.  Atlanta - The Braves seem to be in rebuilding mode.
5.  Philadelphia - The Phillies may be having a "fire sale" come late July.

Central Division
1.  Pittsburgh - The Pirates are a solid ball club and would like to get to the World Series this season.
2.  St. Louis  (wild card) - The Cardinals will likely be in the thick of things once again this year.
3.  Chicago Cubs - The Cubs made some big moves in off-season and are hoping they pay off.
4.  Milwaukee - Can the Brewers rebound after last season's big collapse?
5.  Cincinnati - The Reds had many injuries last season, so they may move up in the division race.

Western Division
1.  Los Angeles Dodgers - This team made some changes but still has solid pitching and need to get it done in the playoffs.
2.  San Francisco - The Giants did it again last year by winning their third World Series title in the last five years ... expect them to contend once again.
3.  San Diego -The Padres added punch to their lineup and a number-one starting pitcher so don't count them out in the West.
4.  Colorado - The Rockies are a team with questions marks once again entering the new season.
5.  Arizona - See above comment.


Eastern Division
1.  Baltimore - The Orioles lost some key players from a year ago, but they have solid pitching and air tight defense as well as one of the best managers in the game.
2.  Boston - The Red Sox looking to rebound after a disastrous 2014 campaign.
3.  Toronto - Will this be the year the Blue Jays finally put it all together and win the AL East? It could happen.
4.  New York Yankees - The Bronx Bombers will likely miss the post-season for the third straight season.
5.  Tampa Bay - The Rays are in rebuilding mode this year.

Central Division
1.  Detroit - Do not write off the Tigers ... they are proven winners in this division.
2.  Chicago White Sox (wild card) - There is real reason for optimism this season.
3.  Cleveland - The Tribe seems to be getting a lot of accolades this year, now they have to go out and prove it.
4.  Kansas City - It's a new season and the Royals won't be sneaking up on anyone this time around.
5.  Minnesota - The Twins have some decent young talent, but they play in baseball's toughest division.

Western Division
1.  Seattle - The Mariners are the American League version of the Washington Nationals ... expect them to get back to the playoffs for the first time in 14 years.
2.  Los Angeles Angels (wild card) - This team will not go away quietly.
3.  Oakland - The A's could very well be right there once again in the AL West race.
4.  Houston - The Astros escaped the basement last season and should do so again this year.
5.  Texas - The Rangers already have lost their ace pitcher for the season ...  Ouch!


National  League

Wild Card Game - St. Louis over Miami

Division Series - Washington over St. Louis;  Los Angeles Dodgers over Pittsburgh

NL Championship Series Los Angeles Dodgers over Washington

American League

Wild Card Game - Chicago White Sox over Los Angeles Angels

Division Series - Seattle over Chicago White Sox;  Baltimore over Detroit

AL Championship Series - Seattle over Baltimore

                                                            WORLD SERIES

       Dodgers over  Mariners