Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Memories

On this blog, very seldom will I post personal stories as the Heftyinfo site is for sports and political stories and/or views with occasional music or entertainment videos sprinkled in.
But this is the third year of the site and it is Christmas, so I felt obliged to share some (very briefly at that) memories of Christmas past as this Christmas is being spent without my father and one of my three older brothers, who both passed away a day apart in late October of this year.
My Dad was 79 years old and my brother was just 50 years old, but this Christmas is different not having them around for the family gatherings.
Mom passed away in April 1993 and it took some getting used to as well not having her around for the Christmas celebrations that meant so much growing up in the Chicago area.
For all of those reading this and celebrating Christmas with family and friends, enjoy the time you have with the cherished ones in your life and make the most of the holiday season.
Growing up in the 1970's and then of course later in life as adulthood came along and life went along, the Christmas gatherings could be strenuous at times, with the gift giving and all the hustle and bustle of the holidays we are accustomed to seeing.
Time does go by so fast and this past year served as a strong reminder that life is precious and to not enjoy it fully and live in the present (while also remembering the past), we can forget what truly matters.
With that said, and missing my father and brother very much this Christmas, I would like to extend a Merry Christmas greeting to all those who visit this site...



  1. Jim, hope you had a Merry Christmas. And may the new year be a prosperous one for you.