Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunday Stew

Even though it is late Saturday night, this is called Sunday stew and here are some random musings ...

Politically speaking, President Barack Obama is at the top of his game lately and the Republicans know it.

Why does the main stream (and corporate controlled) media find it necessary to RAM things down the public's throats? Hint: Just look at the coverage the past week or so on Whitney Houston, Jeremy Lin, contraception, etc.

How 'bout that Rick Santorum, an 18 point loser in the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania (AS AN INCUMBENT) a few years back, thinking he can actually win the presidency from Barack Obama?

Newt Gingrich? Is he still hanging around the GOP primaries despite NOT being on the ballot in half a dozen or so states?

Keith Olbermann (Current TV's Countdown host) continues to pummel the rubbish known as Andrew Breitbart nightly and this is classic viewing... treat yourself if you haven't seen this yet.

Pat Buchanan (another right wing pundit) is OUT at MSNBC and not a moment too soon.

Why do people still watch Fox Network "News"?

There are some people actually calling that the U.S. Senate will go to Republicans as a majority this November... don't hold your breath.

 Here in Chicago while listening to radio talk show host Dick Kay today, there is a LOT of growing ANIMOSITY from the good citizens of the Windy City toward Mayor Rahm Emanuel and that is a good thing because he sucks.

The Chicago Cubs started spring training today... yawn!

Does anyone really care what Rush Limbaugh thinks any more... this guy is a parody of himself.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's days are numbered in the badger state... YES!

 God Bless America, in spite of the right wing hypocrites.

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