Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Political World

Jesse Jackson, Jr.
In the political world, more wrongdoing in D.C. as Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D- IL, 2nd Congressional District) is set to go to the slammer after entering a guilty plea for misusing campaign funds.
Along with Jackson's guilty plea is his wife Sandi Jackson, a former city of Chicago Ward Alderwoman, who pleaded to filing false income tax returns.
Sandi Jackson
This is just the latest in political corruption that goes on around our country. There are numerous scandals and innuendos that take place on a regular basis and the Jacksons are the latest of this unethical behavior.
Former U.S. House representative Duke Cunningham (R-CA) was sent to prison seven years ago for similar behavior by purchasing lavish gifts and the like, including a luxury yacht.
The Jacksons will be going to jail and they are not the first, nor will they be last to have this happen to them for their misdeed as public officials.
Politics is a strange endeavor for people it seems. Just look at the current situation with the Republicans and Democrats pointing fingers at each other over the looming spending cuts that automatically go into effect on March 1 as a result of a compromise deal nearly two years ago.
That mess is a direct result of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) not having the tenacity to tell the "tea party" constituents where to go regarding our country's obligations to pay back debts. Boehner claimed he was happy with the compromise deal with President Barack Obama and that (Boehner) got 98 percent of what he wanted in the deal.
But now, he is claiming it was congressional Democrats and the POTUS who wanted the deal put in place. Shame, shame, shame speaker Boehner.
The following just exemplifies the nonsense that occurs regularly in the nation's capitol and it doesn't appear it will change any time soon.
The people of the United States be damned, according to a huge majority of political leaders. They only take commands from their corporate donors and masters.
Pathetic is what the current political climate continues to be in D.C. as everyday people continue to work hard every day to make ends meet while political leaders (House and Senate Republicans in particular) continue to seek an agenda that puts the squeeze on the Middle Class in this country.
Don't even go near the situation of the working poor and the growing number of people living in poverty in the United States.
Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife Sandi are the latest examples of corruption in our political system, but you can count on more of the same to come out in the future.
Greed corrupts and our political system is ruled by greedy corporations and moguls (aka Koch brothers, etc.) who will stop at nothing to get their agenda in place.
Until that aura of greed is removed, count on more of the same from politicians.

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