Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tell Us The Whole Story

It seems the corporate controlled "mainstream" media is rolling out the "facts" about the cutbacks to Social
Security and possibly Medicare as part of the Obama budget plan to help reduce the deficit.
Newsflash people ...
The part the media left out was the FACT the Obama budget proposal plan also calls for 660 BILLION DOLLARS in tax increases for the top income earners, you know them ...  the top one or two percent of the U.S. population who seem to control the right wing messaging in the D.C. political scene these days.
Seems the "mainstream" media forgot that part of the story. Just hammer out to the masses that President Obama wants to CUT Social Security benefits for people, but don't let the masses know the proposal also includes the tax increases to make the wealthiest pay their fair share.
Obama is simply calling their bluff, that is the GOP budget plan, because he knows they will never pass it out of the House, what with the 660 BILLION DOLLAR TAX INCREASE on the TOP TWO PERCENT included.
House Speaker John Boehner would never let that happen, so stop already with all the panic on the TV talking head political shows and radio gabfests across the land.
Nothing is going to happen in Congress because it's split between the powers of the republicans (control of the House) and democrats (control in the Senate) and until the 2014 mid-term elections, and a possible shift of power in either or both chambers of Congress, NOTHING is going to happen regarding the budget.
In the meantime, keep your ears and eyes open.

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