Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's A Republican Crazy Train

Based on the republican charged "Big Five" Supreme Court justices of Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy,
Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and John Roberts, the republican crazy train is off the rails and out of control.
Throw in Texas governor Rick Perry and his BIG GOVERNMENT policies regarding women's rights and the monsters who call themselves state legislatures in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida (ALL GOP CONTROLLED) among others in the deep South applauding the SCOTUS decision on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and it's obvious these people do not give a shit about the United States of America.
It's their way or the highway and that is NOT how it is.
They don't seem to realize that BUT there is hope people ... VOTE these morons out of office at the soonest opportunity, provided they and their draconian law proposals even allow you to get to the polling place next election.
These republicans are OUT OF CONTROL and must be stopped in their efforts to take the USA back to the 1850's with all of the bullshit they are attempting to ram down people's throats.
CALL your local congressional person if you live in one of these GOP controlled states and give 'em hell!

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  1. You're preachin' to the choir.
    Vote'em out!