Saturday, March 22, 2014

Right To Work? Sorry Pal, Not In Illinois

This guy (Bruce Rauner) wants to attempt to make Illinois a "right to work" state if he is elected governor in November.
Fat chance buddy, what with a VETO PROOF majority for the Democratic party here in the Land of Lincoln.
This vulture capitalist is nothing but a Mitt Romney wannabe ... and we all saw how well Romney did in the 2012 election. Rauner is trying to buy the election for governor in Illinois, thanks to the nit wits in Washington, DC known as the United States Supreme Court and the insane "Citizens United" decision.
Sorry Mr. Rauner, but money cannot buy you character or respect.
Get Lost!


  1. "Mitt" Rauner?
    Nope. Not falling for that, Bruce.

  2. Bob, this guy Ranuer is a real tool for the corporate elitists.