Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Time!

It's time people ... here it is ... America's Biggest Assholes!

Darrell Issa -Republican (California)

Karl Rove - Republican strategist
Take your pick from these five clowns

Sean Hannity - Fox Network "News"

VULTURE Capitalists Bruce Rauner and Mitt Romney

The Koch Brothers

Marsha Blackburn - Republican (Tennessee)
I'm just getting warmed up ... TO BE CONTINUED


  1. Don't forget Stacey Campfield. Author of the "don't say gay" bill who now compares Obamacare signups to trains full of Jews heading to Auschwitz!

  2. Thank you ... I will continue to add to the list. In fact, on Norman Goldman page, that person you mentioned was quoted and I commented "That guy is an asshole."