Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It appears the Republicans will take a slight majority control of the U.S. Senate come January as they picked up the necessary seats to do so.
Count on solid gridlock for sure as the deck remains stacked in favor of the billionaires and their puppets thanks to a bogus U.S. Supreme Court decision four years ago.
Equally unbelievable is that the people of Wisconsin (Scott Walker) Florida (Rick Scott) and Michigan (Rick Snyder) kept those idiots in the governor's office after all the mess they created with their insane policies in said states the last four years.
Even here in my home state of Illinois, we have an asshole republican named Bruce Rauner who was able to BUY the governor's office.


Wake up already ... we have become an oligarchy!

SAD DAY FOR AMERICA  . . .  very sad.

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