Sunday, March 8, 2015

We Are Not Going Backwards

Regarding the anti-union movement going on throughout this nation of ours, here is some food for thought about all of this nonsense that the unions are to blame for the corporate mantra going around that people should just accept whatever pay the employee decides it should be.
Look at the picture in this post and think long and hard about it ... Unions are not to blame.
Greed at any level is never good, but there seems to be a blame game going on with the economic issues throughout various states in this country.
It should be noted that California and Minnesota RAISED TAXES on the RICH and funded education and are now thriving while Wisconsin (which just passed so called 'Right to Work' for less money laws) and Kansas are swimming in red ink following their governor's (BOTH REPUBLICANS) budget plans which gutted education spending and LOWERED TAXES on the RICH in said states.
Go figure.
Unions are not the problem for economic woes because when working people have money in their pockets, they tend to spend it and generate good things for our economy. However, the rich corporate types tend to hoard the money and ship it overseas into tax havens. A lot of good that serves the national economy.
The divide and conquer strategy seems to be working in the Class Warfare being waged by corporations on the American people and (mostly) right wing organizations and politicians and the news media (YES THE RIGHT WING CORPORATE MEDIA) fuel this by constantly drumming it into their broadcasts for the people to hear.
The divide and conquer strategy pits working people (99 percent of this nations population) against each other by promoting 'wage wars' that spark envy toward one another over pay rates for the jobs performed.
This needs to be reversed and the people have to wake up and realize they are being viewed as useful idiots by the plutocrats and corporate executives that thrive on greed and suppressing the working people in the United States.
It's up to the American people to make that happen . . .  otherwise nothing will ever change.

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