Monday, April 27, 2015

Americans Are Fed Up

The average American citizen has been getting dumped on more and more and more and more ... you get the point.
So is it any wonder the riots taking place in Baltimore and other towns and cities across the United States are becoming the norm these days?
One cannot expect the "average" American to take all the crap that is being dished out on them as people have their rights stripped away and settle for increasingly worse jobs as the plutocrats send the once good paying jobs overseas to slave wage countries.
Throw in the fact that police forces across America have been militarized and suppress the people when they have had enough of the corporate oligarchic oppression that has gotten worse in recent years.

This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA damn it!

People do not have to stand for all the crap they are put under by these assholes who somehow seem to think they are above it all (including the law) and somehow better than everyone else living in this country.
Fuck corporate America and their puppet politicians and U.S. Supreme Court that they have control over (for the time being) in recent years.
That too will change and it is about damn time the people rise up against these heartless, soulless bastards.
God Bless America ... but God damn corporate controlled America!

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