Thursday, May 14, 2015

US Senate, Obama Stab American People In The Back

By having a "re-do" vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership deal which (for secret reasons unknown) President Obama has been enthusiastically supporting, the US Senate stabbed the American people in the back with approval of yet another BAD TRADE DEAL for the United States.
The only beneficiaries of this piece of crap trade deal is the greedy corporations that wrote it.
All in all, the TPP is a bad deal for the United States of America.
However, Obama and the US Senate sold out and went against the will of the American people on this agenda.
The sad part is that just TWO DAYS AGO, the US Senate did the right thing and rejected so called "fast track" authority for approval by Obama to get the deal through. So as usual, the rich bastards get their way and the hard working American people will get screwed yet again.
Thanks a lot assholes, and yes that does include you, President Obama!
I am through with these corporate cock suckers, and that's exactly what these people who support this shady business are.
Corporate cock suckers!
The media is totally ignoring this as they clamor about in the aftermath of the train crash the other night outside of Philadelphia.
But that is so typical of the fourth estate in the USA these days. Because after all, they too are bought and paid for by the corporate world.

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