Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Hodge Podge

Here we go folks . . .                                                                                            

Chris Christie (New Jersey gov.) is endorsing Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President of the United States?  Hmmm ... sounds like someone is looking for a gig as VP running mate for Trump should he win the nomination.

What has happened to MSNBC?  Pity they are owned and controlled by Comcast, which has been dismantling and destroying that network since they bought them in 2011.

There is no "Liberal media" in the USA! The right wing "conservative" cause has made damn sure of that as the RW corporate controlled media controls the message.

Donald Trump . . . enough said.

Bernie Sanders continues to fight the good fight but alas the main stream media ignores him. Granted he has been on the Sunday morning talking head shows, but they do not carry the weight they used to because they have too many republicans on every week.

Hillary Clinton will most likely become our country's 45th President this November.

The GOP in this country is stone cold insane.

Here in Illinois, we have a tyrant named Bruce Rauner (pictured in upper right hand corner) as governor.  He thinks he can "will" his mandate on the citizens of this state... Not going to happen, so give it up Rauner!

How pathetic is it that states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania and so on are reeling with the republican governors and/or GOP controlled state legislatures they voted for? In some cases, two or three times. Stupid is as stupid does.

Whatever it takes people, get out and VOTE in the primary elections and the general election in 2016!!!


  1. "The GOP in this country is stone cold insane."

    Truer words were never blogged.

    1. Thank you sir. Sad it has come to that.