Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Here In Illinois, The Voters Sent Gov. Bruce Rauner A Message

The Illinois voters have spoken and they sent a resounding DEFEAT to Governor Bruce Rauner by defeating his hand picked candidates in an attempt to try to get more control in Illinois politics.
Rauner and his shadow money groups (headed by billionaire Ken Griffin) attempted to "bribe" former 5th District State House Representative Ken Dunkin to hold out against the Democratic VETO PROOF super majority in an effort to give Rauner (a republican) the edge in the Land of Lincoln.
Well, it didn't work because Juliana Stratton routed Dunkin in the House race while Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan cruised to an easy victory over his opponent (another Rauner puppet) which will give the Dems a VETO PROOF majority against Rauner.
Way to go Illinois!!!

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