Monday, April 11, 2016

NHL Playoffs Preview

It's time for the best part of the hockey season . . .  the Post-Season.
The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs get started this week and it will be wide open once again this year.
The Washington Capitals finished the regular season with the best record (totaling 120 points) and are the heavy favorites in the Eastern Conference.
Meanwhile, the Dallas Stars finished on top of the Western Conference (109 points) and also boast the top offense in the NHL, scoring 267 goals this season. However, do not dismiss the last two Stanley Cup championship teams which also reside in the West, the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Kings.
The following offers a look at the conference playoffs and the eventual teams that will face off in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Eastern Conference
Quarter Finals
New York Islanders over Florida Panthers (4-2)
Detroit Red Wings over Tampa Bay Lightning (4-3)
Washington Capitals over Philadelphia Flyers (4-1)
New York Rangers over Pittsburgh Penguins (4-3)

Semi Finals
Detroit Red Wings over New York Islanders (4-2)
New York Rangers over Washington Capitals (4-2)

New York Rangers over Detroit Red Wings (4-0)

Western Conference
Quarter Finals
Dallas Stars over Minnesota Wild (4-0)
Chicago Blackhawks over St. Louis Blues (4-1)
Anaheim Ducks over Nashville Predators (4-0)
Los Angeles Kings over San Jose Sharks (4-3)

Semi Finals 
Chicago Blackhawks over Dallas Stars (4-3)
Los Angeles Kings over Anaheim Ducks (4-2)

Chicago Blackhawks over Los Angeles Kings (4-1)

                                                           STANLEY CUP FINALS

                               Chicago Blackhawks over New York Rangers  (4-2)

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