Wednesday, September 7, 2016

NFL - Week One Preview and 2016 Season Predictions

The 2016 NFL season kicks off tomorrow night in Denver as the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos host the Carolina Panthers in a 're-match' of last season's Super Bowl teams, which Denver won 24-10 in Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning's final NFL game.
This season, the Broncos have a new quarterback as Manning retired and Brock Osweiler signed with the Houston Texans in the off-season. Trevor Siemian is the Broncos starting quarterback for the season opener.

Meanwhile, the Panthers are focused on getting back to the big game again and this time winning it all.
What better way than to exorcise the demons of failures past as they face the Broncos and will have to watch them and the rabid fans in the Mile High City celebrate the Super Bowl 50 title.
Carolina QB Cam Newton was the regular season Most Valuable Player for the 2015 season and after the lemon he had (due in big part to the Broncos' defense) in the Super Bowl, you just know he is chomping at the bit to set the right tone for this season.
It looks to be a very interesting Week One around the NFL this weekend as the top rookies get their chance to shine (or not in Rams' QB Jared Goff''s case) in the opening game.
There are many questions to be answered as the season unfolds week by week.
Will Tom Brady have revenge on his mind after he serves his four-game suspension for the now nearly two-years old "deflate gate" case?  How about 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and his one man crusade against standing for the National Anthem prior to the start of the games? Can the Broncos and Panthers get back to the Super Bowl?
All in all, it should be exciting as the teams battle for playoff position week by week. After all, that is why the play the games.
So here goes nothing as Heftyinfo make the fearless forecasts for the 2016 season.

NFL division race predictions
(Wild card teams in bold italics)

East - 1. Patriots  2. Jets  3. Bills  4. Dolphins
North - 1. Steelers  2. Bengals  3. Ravens  4. Browns
South - 1. Colts  2. Texans  3. Jaguars  4. Titans
West - 1. Chiefs  2. Raiders  3. Broncos  4. Chargers

East - 1. Giants  2. Cowboys  3. Redskins  4. Eagles
North - 1. Packers  2. Vikings  3. Bears  4. Lions
South 1. Panthers  2. Saints  3. Buccaneers  4. Falcons
West - 1. Seahawks  2. Cardinals  3. Rams  4. 49ers

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chiefs over Texans;  Bengals over Colts
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Packers over Cowboys; Cardinals over Giants

AFC Divisional Round - Patriots over Bengals;  Steelers over Chiefs
NFC Divisional Round - Seahawks over Cardinals; Panthers over Packers

AFC Championship -  Steelers over Patriots
NFC Championship -  Seahawks over Panthers

SUPER BOWL 51Steelers over Seahawks 

Regarding the above picks for the upcoming season, we shall see.
Now for the WEEK ONE  Heftyinfo picks (Home teams listed in BOLD type and Lock of the Week is listed in BOLD CAPS.)

Carolina over Denver
Green Bay over Jacksonville
Baltimore over Buffalo
Houston over Chicago
Philadelphia over Cleveland
Tampa Bay over Atlanta
Minnesota over Tennessee
NY Jets over Cincinnati
New Orleans over Oakland
Kansas City over San Diego
SEATTLE over Miami
Indianapolis over Detroit
NY Giants over Dallas
Arizona over New England
Pittsburgh over Washington
Los Angeles over San Francisco

Last Year's Record:  173-83
Lock of the Week Record:  13-4

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