Thursday, October 6, 2016

NFL - Week Five Preview

Alright NFL fans, here's a question for you.
Who had the Philadelphia Eagles (3-0), Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos (both 4-0) as the only three unbeaten teams left after the first four weeks?
Be honest now.
Those three are the only remaining undefeated teams left after four weeks while the Cleveland Browns (0-4) are on the other end of the spectrum, and are the ONLY winless team still going in the NFL.
The Eagles head to Detroit to face the Lions (1-3), who have lost three straight games after winning the opener. The Vikings will host the Houston Texans (3-1) and the Broncos will be at home taking on the red-hot Atlanta Falcons (3-1), a team that is averaging 38 points a game this season.
The Browns have the unenviable task of hosting the New England Patriots (3-1), who will be getting back starting quarterback Tom Brady (following his four-game suspension) this week. The Pats lost last weekend (at home) to Buffalo, 16-0, marking their first shutout loss at home since the 1993 season.
What does all this mean you might ask? Not a whole lot really, but those are the facts entering Week Five around the NFL, where (so far) anything can and will happen.
Look at the Los Angeles Rams ... who the hell had them penciled in at a 3-1 clip after they were embarrassed by the lowly San Francisco 49ers (1-3) in the Monday Night Football season opener?
How about the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals getting off to 1-3 starts after facing each other in the NFC Championship Game a year ago. Plus both of those teams quarterbacks are now facing the "concussion protocol" and may not play this weekend.
Cam Newton has been a human punching bag so far this season and Arizona's Carson Palmer has been ruled out for the Thursday Night Football game.

For a look at this weekend's action, please read the following (capsule style) previews for the games, followed by the Heftyinfo predictions for Week Five.

Arizona (1-3) at San Francisco (1-3) - The Thursday night yawner.

New England (3-1) at Cleveland (0-4) - Browns get their first win of the season, right?  WRONG!!!

Philadelphia (3-0) at Detroit (1-3) - The Eagles are ripe for an upset on the road, aren't they? It just might happen.

Chicago (1-3) at Indianapolis (1-3) - The Colts should win at home, but . . .

Tennessee (1-3) at Miami (1-3) - With Hurricane Matthew (possibly) hitting Florida, will this game even be played this weekend? Stay tuned.

Washington (2-2) at Baltimore (3-1) - The Beltway game these fans wait for every four years.

Houston (3-1) at Minnesota (4-0) - This should be a good game between two excellent defensive teams.

NY Jets (1-3) at Pittsburgh (3-1) - Steelers roll !

Atlanta (3-1) at Denver (4-0) - This could be the Game of the Week. NFL's top offensive team vs. perhaps the top defensive team in the NFL. Something has to give.

Cincinnati (2-2) at Dallas (3-1) - The Cowboys (and rookie QB Dak Prescott) are on a roll so far.

Buffalo (2-2) at Los Angeles (3-1) - The Bills coming off a big shutout road win and the Rams have won three straight with solid defense.

San Diego (1-3) at Oakland (3-1) - The Chargers are their own worst enemy, especially in the fourth quarter. Three blown leads in the final five minutes for them. Take the Raiders.

NY Giants (2-2) at Green Bay (2-1) - The Packers, coming off a bye week, are playing at home in "prime time." Giants have problems, especially with Odell Beckham, Jr.

Tampa Bay (1-3) at Carolina (1-3) - The Monday Night Football game with a pair of teams that are reeling right now.

The Heftyinfo picks for Week Five  . . . . .    (Home teams are listed in bold; Lock of the Week is listed in BOLD CAPS)

Arizona over San Francisco
New England over Cleveland
Detroit over Philadelphia
Indianapolis over Chicago
Miami over Tennessee
Baltimore over Washington
Minnesota over Houston
Denver over Atlanta 
Dallas over Cincinnati
Los Angeles over Buffalo
Oakland over San Diego
Green Bay over NY Giants
Carolina over Tampa Bay

Last Week's Record:  10-5


Lock of the Week Record:  4-0

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