Monday, June 11, 2018

America Held Hostage Continues

The Trump regime installed Neil Gorsuch as United States Supreme Court Justice last year after Mitch McConnell refused to give Barack Obama's choice (Merrick Garland) for Supreme Court a hearing, which blocked the nomination until after the 2016 election, which yielded Trump as President of the United States.
The ripple effect eventually gave us this joker named Gorsuch, who is so far to the right that the late Antonin Scalia would be considered moderate to liberal compared to him.
Naturally, today this SCOTUS ruled that the state of Ohio can continue to suppress voters in that rust belt state, which always favors the republicans when it comes to that sort of crap.
Yes indeed, it's America held hostage day by day until the the Congressional mid-term elections this November.  Or is it?
Will there be enough people left on the voting rolls to vote this GOP controlled congress out?
Vote the bums out !!
Hopefully, enough people will press on and fight the good fight and vote this November.
Don't give up the fight people.

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