Saturday, December 12, 2009

Senate Dems, not just GOP, to blame for Health Care stalls

Recently posted at this site was a slam at the GOP and how they are the party of "No" and that is true to most things that the Obama Administration has attempted to do.
However, when it comes to health care reform, there are also many Senate Democrats (and one "Independent") who are getting in the way and showing they too are corporate cock suckers when it comes to bowing to the mighty business and insurance lobbyists in Washington, D.C.
Joe Lieberman (Independent from Connecticut) leads the way in the Senate. This man is so pompous it's disgusting.
Then there is Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas), Ben Nelson (Nebraska), Max Baucus (Montana) and Kent Conrad (North Dakota).
All Senate Democrats.
These six people have been turncoats on the American people when it comes to reforming health care and it's obvious they fear the insurance lobbyists that can pump mega amounts of money into their states to help get them out of office should they not comply to big pharma, the insurance industry and the huge world wide corporations.
How sad it that when the people elect Senators and representatives in the House to do the will of the people and all they get is kicked in the ass by these people who vote for the will of big money interests for the insurance giants and corporate moguls.
That is NOT what America is about and one thing people on both the right and the left can agree on is that something is definitely wrong with the current two-party system we have in this country and things have to change.
If they do not, then kiss America as you know it goodbye because the powers that be (big business and corporate money, etc.) want a two class system. Get rid of that pesky middle class and give us more, more, MORE!
The hell with the rest of us (both right and left wing, hard working people) and let us do what we want is their creed.
Money is their god and they worship all things that represent greed and corruption just so they can have more. Look at how these businesses get huge tax breaks that allows them to ship good-paying AMERICAN JOBS overseas just to satisfy their own greed.
This the United States of America, NOT the Corporate States of America.
These big corporate interests want a government by the few, for the few and the hell with the rest of us.
Think about it... over the last 40 years or so, the military-industrial complex has become so huge and it is out of control.
Just look at how the members of Congress quickly approve money for the military but when it comes to doing something that actually benefits the people of the United States (health care, jobs programs, etc.), they putz around and make excuses because they say "we cannot afford it."
The "war" in Iraq has cost trillions (TRILLIONS) in tax payer dollars and that's okay?
Point is Senate Democrats, get it together and stop "dithering" on health care, you are the super majority and the GOP (and their supporters) know this.
If this kind of inaction continues, then the GOP will be back in power in Congress and it'll be just like the Bush & Cheney years.
Yeah, that's just what America needs... more of that crap (over spending on needless "wars", tax breaks for the super wealthy and greedy people, etc.) that will further bankrupt our country.
No thank you!

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  1. Jim, tell us what you really think! haha ... you are totally right. The "moderate" dems run a close second to the Republicans as far as who is driving me CRAZY these days. I hate to think what's going to happen in 2012.