Saturday, December 19, 2009

What will we see in 2010?

The holidays are here and it's the end of another year so...

In 2010... will we see

A Congress that actually does what the American PEOPLE want?

A President who remembers what he actually campaigned on and not the interests and greed of multi-national CORPORATIONS and their lobbyists?

Dick Cheney shut up?

Senator Joe Lieberman lose HIS health care?

The news media STOP treating politics like it's a sporting event?

The GOP (God forbid) retake power in the House and Senate?

still more outsourcing of good-paying AMERICAN JOBS and tax breaks continuing for the companies that do this?

a real health care plan for the AMERICAN people who really need it?

more WASTEFUL SPENDING on "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan?

the Cubs win a World Series?

Tiger Woods get his head out of his ass?

the end of Fox "News" Channel?

the woman formerly known as the Governor of Alaska be ignored by the news media?

Lou Dobbs mount a campaign for President of the United States?

The Fairness Doctrine reinstated for the first time since 1986?

the American people collectively wake up and realize that our country has been under attack by the very people who claim to be "patriots" but are actually nothing more than shills for CORPORATE America?

one can only hope...


1 comment:

  1. shhh, let's all be quiet now ... Jim is dreaming.

    Wouldn't it be nice if even SOME of those things happened? I guess we have to keep trying. And hoping. And dreaming.

    Happy holidays, Jim!