Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 21st CENTURY?

Are we in the 21st century or not?
Last time I checked we were but that's not the case according to coal baron Don Blankenship (pictured right), who is the CEO of Massey.
Massey Energy is the company where the coal mine disaster in West Virginia took place Monday, killing 25 coal miners and four others are still unaccounted for.
This company has had over 600 safety violations in less than two years and that is ludicrous.
The methane gas that is highly combustible and exploded in the mine on Monday, was not properly ventilated and has been a problem in the past with this mining company, evidenced by all of the safety violations.
This Bozo (Blankenship) is a disgusting piece of dirt and needs to be jailed for the murder of 25 (possibly 29) workers.
His flippant attitude toward the working class people of America harkens back to the 19th century and the coal barons who exploited workers and when disaster hits . . . oh well.
This guy and all others like him need to be held accountable for the sheer arrogance they display.
Where are the tea party people on this issue?
Those folks need to be protesting against big industry and corporate greed, but they won't because the money that funds them comes from the big corporations.
As for Blankenship, the disgusting piece of crap that he is, he'll continue to count his millions (19.5 million dollar annual salary) and hire and fire non-union workers and exploit these poor people.
One word for this union buster named Don Blankenship...


  1. Well said. Further evidence that a profit motive is NOT a basis for a strong and healthy country. People are more important than money.

  2. Yes Lesley, and believe it or not it was Ronald Reagan (that great patron saint of the right wing) who said... "It's people that matter most, not the bottom line."