Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Obama's choice, not the right's choice

They had their way for eight years and saw their boy, former president George Bush, Jr., choose two hard core right wing idealogues for the United States Supreme Court bench.
When Bush chose John Roberts in 2005 for the Supreme Court, there was a buzz of controversy surrounding this choice. Ultimately, Roberts was confirmed by the Senate, and rather rapidly appointed as the Chief Justice after William Rehnquist left and passed away in short time.
Fast forward to selection number two for Bush, Jr. as he selected Samuel Alito (after a complete gaffe in his initial pick of Harriet Miers) to the high court of the land.
Three and a half years later, President Obama chose Sonya Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice and she was hailed as "too liberal" by the right.
We all knew that was coming because of the haggle Bush had with his two picks, in particular Alito in early 2006. The late Senator Ted Kennedy really grilled Alito in the confirmation hearings.
So here we go again as Obama will make HIS CHOICE (he is the President) and no doubt the right will howl and scream when the choice is announced.
I say Obama should pick someone to the left, perhaps even the far left, to balance the power of the Supreme Court and it's right wing slant.
The top court says it's fine for corporations to donate unlimited funds to campaigns and thus drown out the voice of the people in the matter when it comes to future elections and that's dangerous because that will eventually lead to an oligarchy.
Just ask Spain and Italy how that worked under Franco and Mussolini some seventy-plus years ago.
Oligarchy allows corporations to rule and that has been a slow and methodical plot of the right here in the United States and look at how things have gone right here at home for a majority of Americans as a result.
Thirty years of Reaganomics and tax breaks for the top two percent of income earners have left this country ravaged and now we are stuck with a Supreme Court decision in favor of the corporate agenda that has contributed heavily to the current economic mess.
The fact is President Obama has the right to make the choice and hopefully he will lean left with his choice. Although I'm skeptical because he seems to want to appease the minority party in Congress.
No matter what the choice be, the nominee will no doubt face intense scrutiny from the right and all the masters of propaganda on right wing radio and TV will paint an ugly picture of the nominee.
That's just the way it is today in the United States of America.
Hell, Obama could choose Don Blankenship and the righties would scoff.
Get ready folks because it is going to be ugly when the choice is made and no doubt they will eventually be confirmed by the Senate.
They (almost) always are.
President Obama ... choose wisely and choose for the people of the land, not the corporate agenda.
After all, the cororations already have FIVE of the nine justices on their side.


  1. It won't matter who Obama chooses. The right will fight him. They are obstructionists on all fronts when it comes to this president and anything that he does. I hope Obama shows a set of balls and stands up to them. He is never going to please them so why try. He just needs to pick who he wants and go for it. Yes hang on. It is going to be a wild ride.

  2. I agree. Go as far left as he can. Why not?