Thursday, January 26, 2012

Indiana - Welcome to Mitch (Daniels) Land

REPUBLICAN Governor Mitch Daniels and the REPUBLICAN controlled Indiana state legislature are ramming down the throats of Indiana citizens the RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS MONEY law right now in this very moment.
Yes, that is correct citizens of the "Hoosier State,"  you now will be residing in "Mitch (Daniels) Land" after this bullshit legislation becomes law and forces more people to work FOR LESS MONEY.
Indiana Governor (REPUBLICAN) Mitch Daniels
Repeal Taft-Hartley (anti-labor law passed back in 1946) immediately is what needs to happen in the United States Congress so that these low life leaders (like Daniels, along with Wisconsin gov. Scott Walker, Ohio gov.John Kasich, Michigan gov. Rick Snyder, etc.) cannot enact this kind of bullshit on the good,  hard working people of America any longer.

Hope you Hoosiers learned your lesson for voting for a republican governor and state assembly.

Good luck finding a decent paying job in your state as well. 

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