Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union - Will the GOP Follow the President's Lead? Don't Bet On It!

President Barack Obama is talking common sense and making a good play to the American people, but alas... do not bet on the Republican controlled House of  Representatives or the U.S. Senate (led by the Republican filibusters) cooperating with Obama on the things he wants to do.
Hell, Indiana governor Mitch Daniels (he of the right to work FOR LESS MONEY "laws") is giving the Republican rebuttal of the State of the Union address and also Herman "Blame Yourself" Cain is representing the "Tea Baggers" party for a second rebuttal.
Since when do we, as Americans, need rebuttals from the obstructionists known as the GOP to the President's State of the Union address?
Quite simply, we don't.

Barack Obama knocked it out of the park with his SOTU speech tonight, but now the real mudslinging will begin as the GOP will knock everything he proposed down while Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, the Republican front running presidential candidates, will continue to slam Obama.
Like they could do any better.
Gingrich belongs in federal prison and Romney is ethically challenged when it comes to business practices.

Enough said!


  1. They won't work with him so they can say he didn't get anything done.
    We know better.

  2. The GOP would rather talk the economy down, eventhough we're doing better, rather than concede than anything is working. No wonder they're so unpopular. Name calling, extremist views, and downright lies are all they seem willing to try. Shame on you all!