Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is It Really The Economy?

The most recent jobs report came out this weekend and already the naysayers are (once again) shoveling the dirt on President Barack Obama's grave.
It seems the media (mainstream or corporate or whatever adjective you use to describe it) is intent on making this 2012 Presidential election a real "horse race", a "nail biter", etc.
The fact is that most people around the United States of America do not trust Mitt Romney.
The presumptive Republican candidate for the highest office in the land is a shifty eyed political figure who used his unscrupulous methods of gaining personal wealth in the so called business world ("venture" capitalism) by helping to form the infamous Bain Capital and then gut businesses here in America of their assets, strip the workers of their pensions they so rightly earned over the years and then ship those jobs they had overseas.
But that is exactly what Romney and his partners did time and time and time again before he claims he was no longer a part of that action when he left to help run the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002.
In fact, we all know that Romney will not release his TAX RETURNS from those crucial years (1999-2002) when he claims he was not involved with Bain Capital's actions that ruined the lives of many American citizens.
It has been said that Romney paid NO TAXES at all despite making hundreds of millions of dollars and that is why he is hiding the tax returns from the American people.
In fact, Romney's tax plan calls for giving the one percent (himself included) another tax cut while at the same time RAISING yours and my taxes by an average of $2,000 a year.
Obama's plan will lower our taxes while raising the richest one percent's tax rates.

So, a simple question is in order for my fellow Americans... Do YOU trust Mitt Romney?

Can this guy really step up and deliver where the current president has failed?
That being the economic mess we STILL have after eight long years of the nonsense known as the Bush/Cheney presidency.
A presidency that was LOSING 750,000 plus jobs a month when Obama became president.
The United States ADDED 163,000 plus jobs last month and has GAINED JOBS for the last two and  a half years under the Obama Administration.
The right wing media, led by the fat bastard known as Rush Limbaugh, chortles about the fact unemployment is 8.3 percent (up a whopping one-tenth of a percent since July 1) and it's all Obama's fault.
Pay no mind to the lame ass Congress (which is now on extended vacation in this election year) that will not cooperate with the president's economic plans for our country.
The REPUBLICAN led U.S. House of Representatives refuses to work with Obama and will not do a thing to actually help Americans with a real economic plan. Plus the fact the U.S. Senate has a record number of filibusters, led by REPUBLICAN Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) who made the claim on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009) that the number one priority of the GOP is to "make Barack Obama a one-term president."
The United States and all of us "little people" be damned, the GOP is going to have it their way.
The Republican party, in particular John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, keeps asking, "Where are the jobs?" when in fact he, nor any of the Republicans, have even offered up a single jobs bill in the two years they have been in charge of the purse strings in Washington, D.C.
So, I ask YOU John Boehner, "Where are the jobs you and your fellow GOPers campaigned on two years ago?"
 Is it really the economy or is there an underlying factor in the national polls that show Romney and Obama "neck and neck" for the 2012 election?
The super PAC money will avalanche come September and October and will no doubt benefit the party of the one percent, the Republicans and Romney in particular.
However, the American people (STATE BY STATE) are not as stupid as Karl Rove and the Koch brothers seem to think.
On a state by state polling being conducted continuously, Obama leads by healthy margins in key swing states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and Ohio.
REPEAT... Barack Obama consistently leads in those states every time a poll comes out.
Gee, where have I seen that before?
Could it be Wisconsin where Scott Walker survived a recall election for governor after consistently leading his opponent in polls every time leading up to the June 5th election?
You betcha!
The American people will not be duped by the "used car salesman"  and sleaze tactics of Mitt Romney.
So as the polls continue to come out week after week for the next three months until November 6, 2012, my fellow Americans, ask yourselves this question...
Do YOU really trust Mitt Romney to be our leader?

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