Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paul Ryan Hits It Out of the Park? More Like a Foul Ball

Remember when Sarah Palin made her debut in 2008 at the Republican National Convention and the entire national media fawned all over her and said she "hit it out of the park tonight?"
How did that turn out for the GOP?
Well, here it is four years later and Paul Ryan gave his speech as the Republican VP nominee and they all are saying the same thing again.
Problem is, all Ryan did was spew vitriol against President Barack Obama.  

Check the facts and all you see are lies, lies, lies in the Ryan speech.   
Obama was not even President of the United States when the GM Plant in Janesville, Wisconsin closed it's doors in December of 2008. George W. Bush was still in the White House when that happened.

Another Ryan lie is about Medicare.

The Paul Ryan Medicare Plan puts senior citizens (TODAY'S SENIOR CITIZENS) out on the curb regarding Medicare as you know it. He will turn it into a voucher system and even his potential boss, Mitt Romney, won't entirely embrace the Paul Ryan Medicare plan.
This nit wit from Wisconsin did nothing to bring the country together with his speech tonight.
In fact, while wasting my time watching this liefest called a speech at the RNC, one thought kept ringing loud and clear in my mind.
Yes, where was Joe "You Lie" Wilson tonight when America needed him most to protest the Ryan liefest.
How does the media (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox "News", CNN, etc.) NOT FACT CHECK this clown from Janesville, Wisconsin who (God forbid) could be one heartbeat away from the presidency if  Romney actually wins this November.
Same thoughts four years ago when Sarah Palin adorned that stage at the RNC and droned on and on about Obama and Biden and how bad they would be for America.
Well, my fellow Americans,  I have some real news for you... don't expect better things for the 99 percent of Americans with Romney and Ryan.
Do YOU really trust Romney and Ryan?
Seriously... Do YOU really trust those two liars?
We will see come November.

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