Friday, October 5, 2012

Major League Baseball - Post-Season Preview

The regular season is in the books and now it is time for the post-season in the Major Leagues.
The three biggest surprises have to be, in no particular order, the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland A's and Washington Nationals.
Who really expected all three of these teams to make the post-season back in late March when Spring Training was getting ready to break?
The Nationals won the National League East and own the best record in baseball while the A's won the American League West. The Orioles nearly took the American League East from the Yankees down the stretch before settling for the wild card spot.
As expected, the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers won their respective divisions in the American League while the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants were no surprises by winning division titles in the National League.
It all gets started today with the Atlanta Braves (2nd place finishers in NL East) facing the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals (2nd in NL Central) in the "peach state" while the Baltimore Orioles (2nd in AL East) will travel to play the Texas Rangers, who finished in second place in the AL West after leading the division all season long until the final day of the season.

Here is a look at what may happen when the playoffs begin, with predictions for the World Series as well.

NATIONAL LEAGUE                                                   AMERICAN LEAGUE

Wild Card Game                                                             Wild Card Game

St. Louis over Atlanta                                                        Baltimore over Texas



Cincinnati over San Francisco in five games
St. Louis over Washington in four games


New York Yankees over Baltimore in four games
Detroit over Oakland in five games


Cincinnati over St. Louis in six games


Detroit over New York Yankees in six games

                       WORLD SERIES   

                                              Cincinnati over Detroit in six games

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