Sunday, June 22, 2014

What's In A Name?

Time for this sports fan to weigh in on the "big controversy" surrounding the team nicknames going on in the world of sports.
The Washington Redskins are under fire for their team nickname and team mascot logo on the side of their football helmet.
So I ask ... what's in a name?
I believe it's somebody or a collective group just trying to make a buck off a new nickname and logo which means more copyrights and merchandising which these days means BIG MONEY.
The Redskins are one of the oldest franchises in pro football so if they are forced to change their nick name then I say so should the New York YANKEES and the Cleveland INDIANS of Major League Baseball.
Yankees is a slur for people from the northern United States that people from the south used during Civil War days and shortly there after. Meanwhile, the Indians mascot Chief Wahoo (pictured right) speaks for itself!
In fact, here's an example from a high school in Illinois where years ago the Pekin high school team changed their team nickname from the Pekin Chinks to Pekin Dragons. Think about it ... the team name was changed from a slur used for Chinese people to a symbol of the country of China ... a dragon!
That was politically correct and the essence of common sense. Of course, chinks is a word used to describe the gaps of space in between log cabins which were filled in with mud or other substances.
That is just one example and there are surely many more regarding said subject. In fact, rumors are already circulating the NHL powerhouse team known as the Chicago Blackhawks may be the next team to go under the microscope in this area.
We shall see.
So in the meantime, all you people jumping on the band wagon calling for the Redskins in Washington, D.C. to change their team nickname, say the same thing to the New York YANKEES and Cleveland INDIANS as well.

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