Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Up Detroit? No Water For You

Thanks to the asshole governor of Michigan, known as Rick Snyder (REPUBLICAN of course) the poor and downtrodden citizens of Detroit are going without water due to the sinister plans of Snyder and his cohorts of that state.
It seems as though Snyder and the republican led state legislature did the good old end run around the will of the voting public from the 2012 elections and implemented a new "law" that allows them to appoint their own little dictators AKA "emergency managers" that now rule the roost in many parts of the one time great state of Michigan.
That includes the city of Detroit, where the dictator Snyder and company appointed is looking to privatize (there's that filthy word again) the water supply in the city and surrounding areas. So, it seems the rate for water services have gone through the proverbial roof and many (including major corporations and sports venues) cannot make good on their payments for the water bills.
But the big shots and corporations are not being denied service to the most basic of human needs, WATER!
Nooooooooo, instead it's the "little people"  (the voters) who will suffer for overturning Snyder's nonsense in Michigan after he became governor in the 2010 elections. He and his minions are going to make those people pay dearly for their votes against Snyder and his political bullshit!
What an asshole Michigan governor Rick Snyder is ... he needs to be taken out of office this fall in the elections, provided the real voters of Michigan can get to the polls in that once great state.
No water for you!  . . .  says Snyder and his minions to the people of Detroit.
Citizens of Michigan and in particular, the city of Detroit  ... do yourselves a huge favor and send that bastard and his minions packing this November!

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  1. It's amazing what these asshats can do. Hopefully the good 'little' people of Michigan get together and vote his ass out.