Saturday, September 6, 2014

Are You Kidding Me?


This sign is a joke, right?                                                                                            

I saw this on a morning walk recently in the neighborhood ... you have got to be kidding me. Some
people just do not get it!
Have they not seen what's been going on in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Jersey, Kansas ... do I have to continue?
Republicans control those states with the office of governor as well as controlling the state legislatures.
LMFAO is the only way to describe my initial reaction to this sign.
Illinois is a BLUE STATE and will remain that way because we here in the "Land of Lincoln" have a state legislature that is Democratically controlled with a VETO PROOF majority. So even if that ass clown named Bruce Rauner is able to defeat Governor Pat Quinn in the November election, he doesn't know what he is in for.

As for that sign, these people have to be kidding because we here in Illinois are not "Koch Suckers" and that's a fact.

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