Monday, September 1, 2014

Political Banter

It's Labor Day ... September 1st, 2014 ... politics is getting heated up as the mid-term Congressional elections near.
Here in Illinois, there is much at stake we are being told as Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner challenges incumbent Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. There is also the so called "tight race" between incumbent U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D) and challenger Jim Oberweis (R), a dairy farmer who is a five time loser for political office prior to finally winning  a seat in the Illinois state legislature two years ago.
Starting with the Senate race, I for one am not buying a new poll conducted by some pollster I've never even heard of. Oberweis will lose to Durbin by at least 8 to 10 points, which is considered a landslide in politics. The poll claims Durbin's edge is down to just seven or eight points.
Tell me more... Seems there is a local black pastor in Chicago named (Bishop) Larry Trotter who, along with fellow pastor Corey Brooks, has suddenly swayed his choice of endorsement from Durbin to Oberweis.
Hmmmm ... could it possibly be the secret donor money pouring in (a la citizens united) that is helping to "sway" the two pastors' opinions? You know, things like kick back money to the church for their public endorsement of the GOP candidate that the billionaire donors are backing?
No doubt about it.
Durbin leads Oberweis by nearly double digits and the media is claiming it's a close race.
The 8 to 10 point margin is pretty much the margin I have been predicting for Durbin come November and that's right where the poll seems to be. But again, to hear the corporate controlled media talking about it, it's like it's neck and neck right now as they come toward the stretch run for this year's election.
Now for the Illinois Governor's race ...
Pat Quinn isn't perceived as a real good governor, however, the guy has done things for the state of Illinois and unemployment has dipped in the state since he took over for disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich nearly five years ago.
Along comes Rauner, who has NEVER held any type of political office whatsoever and he wants to

buy the HIGHEST POLITICAL OFFICE, the governor's office, with his his untold billions of dollars (he's a VULTURE CAPITALIST JUST LIKE MITT ROMNEY) and thinks he will be able to dictate to the people of Illinois just like Rick Snyder in Michigan ... Scott Walker in Wisconsin ... Rick Scott in Florida ... Chris Christie in New Jersey ... etc. ... but you get the idea.
I for one am sick and tired of all this secret money being pumped into various states to buy the elections.
It's wrong Wrong WRONG!!!
Screw the U.S. Supreme Court and the insane "citizens united" decision from 2010 where it was deemed that corporations are people and can buy their way into politics, both nationally and locally.
Of course, it didn't work so well in 2012 when the billionaire donors lost their asses in the elections and Barack Obama was re-elected in a landslide against Rauner, oops... I mean Romney. Same dude really when you think about it.
Bottom line is corporations are NOT people... never have been, never will be.
Nationally, it looks like control of the U.S. Senate could hinge on the races in Arkansas and Kentucky, where incumbents Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas) and Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) are in tight races and the Republicans need to carry both states to (possibly) get the majority in the Senate come January.
Fat chance!
Pryor will win a narrow race in Arkansas and McConnell is on his way out and he knows it as Democratic challenger Allison Grimes is leading slightly in some polls while others have the race in a dead heat.
McConnell has been cow towing to his billionaire masters (Koch brothers) and now makes no secret about it as the corporate ass kisser that he is.
Elections are strange things as history has proved throughout the years, so count on this year's mid-term Congressional elections to provide drama as the usual suspects (candidates and media alike) attempt to tell us what we should believe come November.
Stay tuned.

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