Thursday, November 5, 2015

NFL - Week Nine Preview

As the 2015 NFL season moves along, there are four unbeaten teams remaining and that may very well drop to at least three by the time the action is all over this weekend.
The Carolina Panthers (7-0) host the Green Bay Packers (6-1), who suffered their first taste of defeat last week at Denver.
The Panthers have been riding a tremendous defense and the skills of quarterback Cam Newton so far this year while the Packers were humbled by the Broncos 29-10 as their All-Pro QB Aaron Rodgers was limited to just 77 yards passing in the loss.
However, the Panthers have played a rather easy schedule to this point and the Packers will likely prove to be a real challenge this Sunday as they look to rebound from their lame effort last Sunday night in front of a national television audience.
The other unbeaten teams (all 7-0) are the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals, who face the Cleveland Browns in Cincy tonight on the Thursday Night Football game.
While it's highly unlikely any team will go 16-0 this season, one would think that either New England or possibly Carolina (their schedule appears rather easy after the Green Bay game) could do it if they stay healthy, which seems to be a problem for so many NFL teams this season.
It all gets started for Week Nine tonight and there are several good looking match ups this weekend. The Heftyinfo picks follow the capsule style look at all of the action.

Cleveland (2-6) at Cincinnati (7-0) - The Bengals should maul the Browns on home turf.

Miami (3-4) at Buffalo (3-4) - Two disappointing teams to this point go at it in Buffalo.

Green Bay (6-1) at Carolina (7-0) - The Game of the Week . . . Take the Packers.

St. Louis (4-3) at Minnesota (5-2) - Beware the Rams!

Washington (3-4) at New England (7-0) - This one could be decided before half time.

Tennessee (1-6) at New Orleans (4-4) - Saints roll!

Jacksonville (2-5) at New York Jets (4-3) - The Jaguars could actually be in  second place in the putrid AFC South after this one . . . but don't count on it.

Oakland (4-3) at Pittsburgh (4-4) - The Steelers are already in desperation mode after losing Le'Veon Bell for the year.

Atlanta (6-2) at San Francisco (2-6) - The 49ers are a mess.

New York Giants (4-4) at Tampa Bay (3-4) - The Bucs are tough at home and could very well win this one.

Denver (7-0) at Indianapolis (3-5) - What has happened to Andrew Luck and the Colts?

Philadelphia (3-4) at Dallas (2-5) - NBC couldn't flex this game off the "prime time" schedule? These two teams have been big disappointments so far.

Chicago (2-5) at San Diego (2-6) - This could be a high scoring game . . . too bad these teams aren't going anywhere in the 2015 season.

The Heftyinfo picks for Week Nine . . . . .   (Home teams are listed in BOLD; Lock of the Week is listed in BOLD CAPS)

Cincinnati over Cleveland
Buffalo over Miami
Green Bay over Carolina
Minnesota over St. Louis
NEW ENGLAND over Washington
New Orleans over Tennessee
NY Jets over Jacksonville
Pittsburgh over Oakland
Atlanta over San Francisco
Tampa Bay over NY Giants
Denver over Indianapolis
Philadelphia over Dallas
San Diego over Chicago

Last Week's Record:  11-3


Lock of the Week Record:  7-1

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