Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day 100 Of A Complete Disaster

Well America, here we are.
Trump made it to Day 100 without getting impeached, but that's no real surprise because the U.S.
Criminals in charge of the USA
House and Senate are controlled by the republicans.
All I have to say is Good Luck for the next four years (possibly two years if Americans get their collective heads out of their asses and vote out the republicans from the majorities in both chambers of Congress) because we are going to need it.
There are those simpletons who believe Trump is doing a fine job and should be given a chance to prove himself.
OK then, I also have some ocean front property in Arizona for ya too. Ya schmucks.
If people in this country cannot see the writing on the wall of how fucked they and every other "average"  person in the United States is going to be with these clowns in charge, they deserve what happens to them.
Notice how the media in the United States is no longer covering or discussing the Trump/Russia ties with Putin and how blatantly Trump and his cronies are under their thumbs.
No, that has been swept aside by the events with North Korea and Trump tweeting on Twitter, etc.
What a fucking sick, sad joke that is.
I am through attempting to convince people what a corrupt administration we have in Washington, D.C. these days.
Good luck when your tap water in the place you call home is contaminated because the EPA is obliterated by these numb skulls with the "executive" orders put forth.
Good luck when you wonder why your "decent" paying job (if you still have one) continues to be outsourced so some rich prick can get another tax break.
Good luck when you want to go on a vacation to a national park or other American landmark and a bunch of brown shirts type of security is now running things and you could be jailed for what was in the past a normal visit to that place.
Go ahead and laugh, but it's not funny at all what is happening to our country.
People NEVER realize things until it's too late.
Heftyinfo wrote columns in this blog several years ago warning about the Koch brothers and others of their ilk with their devastating plans for the corporate take over of America and it's been happening.
Only now are people beginning to realize that fact. 
Too late because the wheels are already in motion and millions of people are going to get crushed underneath the corporate behemoth.
Check the Blog Archives on this site in the right hand column, in particular from 2009-2011. It's all there.
People have to stop voting for these people who are ruining our country by kissing up to the corporations and the one percent "elites" and giving away EVERYTHING to them.
The people of this country have a chance to do so in the 2018 Congressional (mid term) elections.
In the meantime, get ready to suffer big time . . . I am speaking to you Joe and Mary average American.
Where is George Carlin when we need him most to warn of these things? God rest his soul.
Yep . . . here we are at Day 100 of AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE.
It's only going to get worse folks. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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