Sunday, April 9, 2017

War Is Sell

Here we go again.
After fourteen years, the republicans once again have complete control of the power in Washington, D.C. and the drums of war are starting again. Cue the music reminiscent of the Bush/Cheney years (2002-03 to be exact) when they and their cronies went on the political talking shows on TV and radio and sold the American people that a Middle East war was necessary to keep America safe.

Yeah right.

Remember the "weapons of mass destruction" that now deceased Iraqi leader Sadaam Hussein supposedly had possession of and was ready to hit the United States with?
Me neither.
There were NONE, but Hussein did gas his own people, much like what happened in Syria in recent days.
So now here is Trump and his minions beating the drums of war once again. In fact, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham was stating we should have a repeat of the actions from 2003 and do for Syria (and possibly other Middle Eastern countries) what we were supposed to do back when W and company were running things.
We all see how that has turned out.
Never again people . . .  NEVER AGAIN!
It doesn't work and causes even more terrorism to form among the people living over there. They hate us for the actions taken and will do so again.
So why bother repeating these same failing policies and put our troops at risk?
As Ozzy and Black Sabbath said decades ago in song, "The war machine keeps turning."
Indeed it does and now with the GOP in charge of things (thanks idiot voters) after the 2016 elections, look for the worse to come in the next four years (possibly two years if the American voters can get their heads out of their collective asses) as the same old tired policies take shape again.
We have seen this show before my fellow Americans and it doesn't turn out well . . .  for anyone.
But the political talkers will be following in lock step with the mantra we must fight the "war on terror" and repeat the actions of 2002-03 and invade foreign countries, destroy their infrastructure and then rebuild them.
Dramatic pause . . . 
The congressional elections are in less than two years (November 2018) and that will be the chance for the American people to send a real message to the powers that be that we the people do not want this crap again like we saw a decade-and-a-half ago.
Vote the bums out (if you can get to the polls thanks to the aggressive voter suppression efforts as well as gerrymandering via the republican parties in control in so many states) in November of 2018 and replace them with leaders who will enact a different strategy.
The United States of America cannot go down this road we are currently on any longer.
We cannot afford it, in human or monetary losses.

Stay tuned . . .