Monday, July 6, 2009

A Sarah-Free Zone

After all Sarah Palin, all the time on the news channels recently, this blog site is pleased to announce we are now going SARAH PALIN FREE!
That's right, no more on Sarah Palin at this site. There are many other choices of blog sites to find out more on the woman formerly known as the Governor of Alaska.
Just a quick shout out to Twitter for starters in this hodge podge of items today...
Twitter is a good way to sources of news items on the net as well as real-time comments regarding those current news events. If you haven't checked out Twitter yet, do so at your earliest convenience. You won't be disappointed once you are accustomed to it.
OK... now on to other things sans Palin.
# The Chicago Cubs deal is being finalized and the Cubs will finally have new owners once everything is made legal.
# Speaking of the Cubs, only one member of the team, pitcher Ted Lilly, made the All-Star team this year.
# Who would have thought Los Angeles Dodgers' slugger Manny Ramirez would be struggling so much this year. Of course he did miss 50 games due to a suspension as a result of violating a banned substance uses rule.
# The Dodgers really are the only team in Major League Baseball with a comfortable margin while leading their division.
# NFL training camp is just three weeks away!
# Is Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals having a monster season or what?
# Hard to believe the Cleveland Indians are struggling so much this season.
# Hard to believe Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is struggling so badly this season.
#Does anyone believe aging NBA veterans Ron Artest and Rasheed Wallace (both hot-tempered head cases as well) have enough left in their game to make the Lakers or Celtics any better?
# Oh, wait a minute, the Lakers just won the NBA championship a couple of weeks ago. Ron Artest on the same court with Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson coaching... sounds like Phil is trying to re-create Jordan and Rodman from the Bulls' 1990's glory days.
# NFL training camp is just three weeks away!
# Will the Chicago Cubs and White Sox turn their seasons around?
Switching gears...
# How many people are expected to be at the memorial for Michael Jackson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles? My guess is that it will be more than attended the Lakers' championship rally two weeks ago.
# Hard to believe it was 25 years ago this summer that the Jackson's launched the "Victory Tour" across the world. Remember that?
# What's happening with South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford? How about Nevada Senator John Ensign? They have been blown off the news pages lately.
# Why isn't the state of California, with all of its economic turmoil, having a recall vote on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger like they did to former Governor Grey Davis six years ago? Davis probably looks like a political genius now compared to Ah-Nold!
# NFL training camp is just three weeks away!
# Congratulations are in order to Minnesota Senator Al Franken as the 111th Congress reconvenes in the nation's capitol.
# Health-care reform... will it have a pulse now with 60 Democratic votes in the Senate?
# How many people are aware that veteran actor Karl Malden (Streets of San Francisco) died last week?
# How many people are aware that controversial former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara died? It happened today (July 6) and McNamara (with JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson) was S.O.D. when Vietnam was escalating and actually later in retirement, admitted that Vietnam was a huge mistake for the United States of America.
# Would former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (under Bush 43) ever admit the same regarding Iraq and the current situation still going on over there? Here's a hint: Don't hold your breath.
One last thought...
Had John McCain been elected President of the United States last fall, would Sarah Palin have resigned as Vice-President last weekend?
Think about it... and remember ...
NFL training camp is just three weeks away!


  1. That's a lot of territory you covered.
    Cubs -hope the deal goes through
    Poor old Manny -reminds me of weird Dennis Rodman. except I liked The Worm.
    Can't wait for NFL!!
    Artest & Wallace, Bet there will be some trash talk and fightin there.
    Sox may come around in the 2nd half. Not the Cubs - poor Lou. What can you do? Nothing is working. I think Soriano is gonna be gone.
    Yeah- Aramis is back.
    Goodbye Sarah Palin- I will not miss you.
    Good Luck Al Franken.
    And I agree NFL camp is three weeks away Whoopee.

  2. Hey Jim. Training camp is 3 weeks away. How are Da Bears going to do this year? I am more of a college ball fan. Don't have to listen to the brats talk about not getting the extra million in their contracts. My boss is a major Sox fan. I have to keep my hopes for the Cubs under wraps. Two weeks til Palin is gone! Hopefully the press will now question why Congress is holding debates on the validity of the BCS rather than doing some real work.

  3. I'm still a newbie on twitter, but I think

    #you should definitely tweet some of that!

    #Good riddance to Palin!

    Wow a pic of you and Ed! I used to listen to him on XM radio a few years ago, so I was real happy when he got his own show. Have a great weekend.