Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another typical slow news weekend?

There is an old saying in the media that if someone wants to slip "under the radar" then go forward on a Friday with a story.
Ususally, news events that take place late Thursday or on Friday escape mass public scrutiny. If something happens on a Saturday, forget it until Monday in all likelihood. And if a big event takes place between then and Monday, the most recent event takes center stage.
Ahhh, you gotta love the 24-hour news cycle in the modern day media.
We have seen Alaska governor Sarah Palin announce her resignation on Friday, JULY 3rd (great timing) and you can bet your bottom dollar if you are viewing this blog on Sunday (July 5) morning, ALL the talking heads on the Sunday morning gabfests are talking about Sarah Palin and her sudden resignation as Alaska governor effective the end of July.
Palin, it has been said, has been the victim of a "media blitzkrieg" against her. That is the underlying reason for her leaving her position.
Hey, I already blogged about her sensitivity on recent issues by suggesting if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.
Apparently, she is doing just that. If you really believe that.
Get over yourself Sarah Palin.
The world of politics does not revolve around you. There have been rumors swirling about since Friday's announcement by Palin that she might be facing future indictment charges, maybe she is pregnant again, perhaps she is leaving to make a serious run for President in 2012 or maybe she is leaving to take on a new talk show (on Fox you think) in the future.
Who knows?
According to Alaska blogger and frequent Huffington Post contributor Shannyn Moore (pictured in upper right), the serious charges claim might have some merit to it. Moore has been covering Palin since she first campaigned for governor of Alaska.
So she knows Palin and her idiosyncracies. In a telephone interview on MSNBC's Hardball, she said Palin seemed nervous.
Perhaps she is nervous because she is hiding something?
For more information on the phone interview with Shannyn Moore on Hardball, click on the Immoral Minority blogsite in "Jim's Shared Items" on this page.
Ms. Moore and the people at The Immoral Minority deserve a lot of credit for their work on this still developing story from the great frontier.
You betcha and stay tuned.


  1. Jim,
    You are so insightful and have a great take on politics. Of course I always agree with your assessment of things. Read this blog for this point of view on the subject. I think it is a good explanation of how this lunatic woman thinks.

  2. I checked out the link for LesleyMo and she did good on this one. Thanks Rae.

  3. Hey Jim. I think Palin is out of it for good. I see her going into consulting and making the rounds on the talk show circuit. The way out of bounds Vanity Fair piece really got to her emotionally. To make it worse, the Democratic leadership really laid into her for doing it. It is one thing to complain about party philosophy and leadership, but I am a firm believer that personal life and family issues are off limits. For some reason, the media was really bent on taking her down.

    It is a sad day for football. McNair was one of the best.