Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating America's past time in retro-'70's style

With the 4th of July upon us this weekend, we as Americans can celebrate this great nation of ours and what better way than with a salute to our national past time... Baseball!
I'm sure many of you have your favorites from the 1970's, provided that you are old enough to remember that decade.
There were many great players and managers, so here goes and see how many you might recall.


  1. You always post the best stuff. Love this!! So many memories. I like the photo of the day too- Olbermann, what a guy. Do you remember him from his sports announcing days?

  2. Man. I used to be a big Rolly Fingers fan. Must have been the mustache. Here is one for you if you are Cubs fan. Dwight Smith went to my high school. Graduated with my sister. He used to come down and help with our spring practices and would drive up in his big old Cadillac. My last trip to Chicago, I made it to a roof top company outing at Wrigley. We were a little left of the left field post. Great food and lots of fun.