Friday, August 21, 2009

Larry Flynt: Common Sense 2009

Larry Flynt: Common Sense 2009

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  1. Strange as it maay sound coming from Larry Flynt, I have to agree that most of our Congress IS in fact, in the back pockets of the corporations.
    These damn "free trade" agreements have shipped jobs over seas (outsourcing it is called) that were at one time good paying American jobs.
    What a shame!
    People need to be active and contact their members of Congress and let them know how they feel.
    And as much as I hate to have admit it, I believe we are in a depression already... not just a recession, but a depression.
    Hopefully, things will get better but not with the way things have been, especially the rampant way things went during the Bush-Cheney regime. Let us not forget they were at the controls when a lot of the things happening now went into warp speed earlier in this decade.
    This has been an on-going process for the past forty years or so... the deliberate, systematic elimination of America's middle class.

  2. sad but true, i don't normally get out of my comfort zone, but enuff is enuff.
    i am not smart enuff to uncover the direct source of our current economic problems, but i do know that the answer is not, PRINT MORE MONEY.
    hell, you would have thought that was obvious by now
    handing out billions of dollars to the wrong groups without a line of rules and regulations is just plain stoopid,
    i just hope people like you can convey these feelings, and get this message out to the common folks, like me.
    thanks----just----plain ole bob here