Friday, August 28, 2009

What a difference a year makes

One year ago today, August 28, 2008 in Denver, Colorado... HISTORY WAS MADE.

Barack Obama became the first African-American Presidential candidate when he accepted the nomination with his historic and moving speech before a packed, over flow crowd at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.
Remember the stirring speech delivered by then Presidential candidate Obama at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium?
The crowd roared with approval as he declared "This is our time!" at the peak of the speech just before the close of the events of the four-day convention.
The country was able to see Michelle Obama, the future first lady as it would turn out, give a speech in the opening night. The recently departed Senator Ted Kennedy gave an emotional speech the next day as it also would prove to be his last public speech.
Of course, Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a great talk the following evening and then the finale as Barack Obama gave the historic speech on a beautiful Thursday evening in Denver.
The irony of the splendid weather was that James Dobson (leader of Focus on the Family) called on people to pray for rain when Obama was delivering his speech.
The weather was beautiful as if the Almighty Creator Himself made sure the weather would not obstruct this moment in American history.
The following week, when the Republican National Convention took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the first day was basically canceled as a HURRICANE bore down on New Orleans for the second time in four years.
(Insert here-- "You're doing a heckuva job Brownie!")


What a difference a year makes...

As the hate mongers and closet racists come out and "protest" the Obama presidency just when this country we call (or at least for now still call) the UNITED STATES of AMERICA was beginning to come together after eight long years of the Bush & Cheney regime.
The way the corporations have dictated things over the past thirty or forty years in this country it's almost as if we have become (God forbid it should ever happen) the corporate states of America.
I shudder to think about it, but we have been heading that way it seems. The corporations had their way when Bush & Cheney wormed their way into the White House nine years ago in what was a black eye in American history, make no mistake about that.
Point is the American people were feeling good again as they chanted "Yes We Can! Yes We Can!" on that historic night. But the right was cringing and have been planning the demise of Obama/Biden ever since.
John McCain and the woman formerly known as the Governor of Alaska (we don't mention her name any more on this blog site) were blown out of the water on Election Night 2008 when history was made once again and we could all say President Barack Obama.
The smear campaign launched by the infamous GOP duo failed miserably as the American people took a page from President Obama's book and simply said "Enough!"
The same things are happening once again on the right as the corporations try to twist the facts and manipulate the people who "protest" Obama's political agendas.
The same things that happened late last summer and early fall when the smear campaign against Barack Obama took place is happening all over again at this very moment.
Only this time, the people are slower to react it seems to this onslaught on health care (and some future legislation as well I am sure) because the corporations and insurance industry giants, which thrived under Bush & Cheney, want to keep things going their way and will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to ensure they do not lose power over we the people.
Remember... power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!
There are definitely things going on as we live and breathe on this day, August 28, 2009 that will continue to develop and dictate the future.
Looking back one year ago today, it definitely bears repeating...
What a difference a year makes.
Stay tuned people... because it is going to get ugly before it gets better.
Don't just stand idly by, make a difference and stand up to the corporations and insurance bullies in the same spirit of 2008 when we all made a difference and said "Fuck You!" to what was happening during the past eight years to the middle and lower income classes of this country.
Keep the spirit alive and as Ted Kennedy so eloquently said last year in Denver at the DNC, "Keep the dream alive!"


  1. Applause. Standing Ovation!!!!
    Wonderfully and powerfully said.

  2. might as well join the uppauass party, both these here partys' party on they own, i say we gonna be a thirld world nation and keep printin money lets have a third world party and party too.