Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Many of the people who are concerned about health care reform are terribly misinformed as they go to these "town hall" style meetings and shout down the representatives and Senators from the various states across the country.
It has been said these people are FROM the districts where they are attending these meetings. It has been said they are NOT FROM the districts where these meetings are taking place.
One basic issue is that people don't like change unless it benefits them individually.
The health care insurance companies have a huge amount at stake in a potential health care reform bill being passed because it would limit their power, which is currently mind boggling with the amount of CONTROL the insurers have over people of this country.
The underlying problem with all of the zaniness taking place is a combination of things ranging from radio talk show hosts (right wing as well as left wing), the nightly political gabfests on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News, etc. and of course, MISINFORMATION!
Remember last year's Presidential campaign and the woman (PICTURED ABOVE with John McCain) who actually believed Barack Obama was "an Arab"?
That McCain rally took place in Minnesota and the woman was terribly misinformed about Obama as a result of the combination previously mentioned.
The people at these town hall meetings remind me of this woman and the deception she was fed by the fear mongers.
The same thing is taking place as these people are being (purposely?) misinformed by opponents of health care reform across the country.
This has been documented as memos on how to DISRUPT the town halls have been in circulation for quite some time now.
This is a concerted effort to scare people and MISINFORM as well to get their way as they do not want health care reform.
Just like the woman last year in Minnesota, who by the way was refuted on the spot by McCain (to his credit), these people are concerned and that is fine. However, do not scream out and get in people's faces and try to intimidate the representatives at these events.
The mega corporations, big pharma and health insurance giants have had things their way for quite some time now, especially the last eight years under Bush & Cheney.
Remember them?
They are getting a pass on the (expletive) mess they left this country with after their term was up.
The point is to keep your dignity and do not yield to the fear mongering that is going on with this issue and which will continue to go on.
The call here is that health care reform is going to happen ... like it or not.
Deal with it when it does because it is inevitable.
Do not fear change because that just plays into the hands of the people who want the "status quo" and the vote last year was FOR CHANGE.
The people of the United States spoke and Barack Obama won the election.
What have we become as a nation for God's sake?
People in New Hampshire bringing loaded guns with them to the town halls and trying to justify this on political talk shows.
I ask again, what have we become as a nation for God's sake?
Let's just leave it at that.


  1. You hit that one right on the button.

  2. I hate turning on the TV to see all this ranting and raving. They are a bunch of misinformed lunatics. I watched Obama's town hall today and it was respectful and informative. There needs to be some rules of conduct laid out at these other meetings as well. The media is feeding the frenzy by constantly showing the wackos.

    And the other thing that bothers me is how race has entered the picture. The idiots are carrying pictures of our President with disgraceful racial slurs written on them. I am thoroughly disgusted with FOX and the right wingers for acting so innocent about their part in the situation.

    The bitch Ann Coulter was on the morning shows spreading her hate message too. I remember in Obama's campaign when he uttered the word STOP!
    He needs to do it again and shut the masses up.
    Enough already. I support him 110% but he needs to start playing hardball.

  3. I agree with the previous comment (and with your post, of course!) ... Obama needs to get tougher. Or find some spokespeople who will get tougher. I don't want to see the Dem's go as far as the Rep's have, but enough is enough. Let's call 'em on the lies and exaggerations.

  4. Obama's a dick licker. He works for trail lawyers and union thugs and your buddy, George Soros.

    By chance, can any of you moonbats tell me where in the Constitution it says you have a right to health care?

    Or are you all well-practiced in making it up as you go along, just like your failing president?

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone and in particular @ Dr. Dave... Newsflash!!! If you are a U.S. citizen sir, Barack Obama is your President also.
    Keep in touch.

  6. Dr. Dave, notice they never answer the questions, or for that matter, present any evidence at all?

    Where in the Constitution does it say the government has any power to manage health care? Please show me where, and I'll support your side!

  7. There is no where in the constitution that states that health care is a mandate nor does it state that govenment should manage health care.

    I remember when government had to step in about 20+ years ago and break up the Ma Bell monopoly on telephone usage in our country. The Bell system had total control over all of us. Breaking it up improved the ability for consumers to get cheaper service and a variety of options. Like the monopoly of Bell, the insurance companies are holding us hostage to their high fees and regulations.

    Too many Americans are left with the inability to pay for premiums and many are disaqualified for coverage because of pre-existing conditions. What happens to these people? Shouldn't somebody step in and help them? We as a nation are not required to do anything to help others but because of our "civilized" ways and compassion we do our best to give a step up to those in need.

    I am NOT talking about handouts. I mean providing a means for everyone to receive basic human services on an equal basis. After all, isn't that what our forefathers fought for.

    If the insurance companies cannot or will not make it possible for everyone to get basic health care at an affordable cost then government must step in and make sure it is done.

    I want to ask this sample scenario question of anyone who disagrees. If we would have an epidemic hit our country, would you rather have everyone have accessible medical care available for prevention or would you rather have people without accessible care forego preventative treatment because they can't afford it, thereby getting infected and passing it further- possibly to you??? Having your own personal high cost insurance isn't going to do a thing to prevent you from dying because you got infected from someone without health care.

    Extreme I know but ultimately what happens to the next person always impacts us in some way. If we are the GREATEST nation in the world then how can we deny a human need such as health care to another. I think only a self centered person would deny medicine and care to another.

  8. Bravo!
    Well said Rae as I couldn't have said it any better myself.
    @ Matt ... Sir, you seem pretty passionate with your thoughts on health care issue. In response to your question, there is no real answer about the forefathers regarding health care in our modern-day society because what is here NOW in our day did not exist 222 years ago when the Constitution was being drafted.
    Your question to that regard is irrelevant.
    I'll keep checking you guys out though.
    Also, think about what Rae commented in regard to yourself and "Dr. Dave"...
    BTW Matt, what do you think of Ron Paul?
    He's okay with me on SOME issues, just not all of them.

  9. Just for the record people, Matt and "Dr. Dave" no longer want to correspond with heftyinfo because they can't handle the truth.
    When attempting to answer Matt's queries, he simply shifts the topic and demeans people... what a guy... Well, where I come from we call people like that bullies/cowards (take your pick because they are one and the same)... but that is typical of the neo-con movement they belong to and which continues to be MISINFORMED on the subject of health care.
    They are no longer on my list of blogs I follow because they don't want to listen to opposing points of view when answering their queries. I guess all of these people calling themselves "protesters" can't take it when it comes back to them and they run away by putting up a block on their blog site.
    As for me, I will continue to beat the drums for health care reform so that all people can have access to it in the United States of America. Besides, no health insurance CEO is worth what these unethical bozos are making off the blood of the people they deny coverage to, etc.
    The CEO's of health insurance companies are the real "death panels" the misinformed "protesters" are worried about.