Monday, November 9, 2009


The Hollywood production "2012" comes out this weekend and millions will flock to see what the ancient Mayans predict will be the end of this world on the big screen.
Of course, it is just a fictitious movie adaptation of the end times on planet Earth.
The Mayans were a paganistic society that used calendars and according to the ancient legends, the Mayan calendar calls for 2012 as the final year of this planet's existence.
Normally, this site stays off the subjects of this type, but there is an interesting notice to all of this hoopla regarding 2012.
The man Harold Camping (pictured above) is a devout Bible teacher and holds no high titles of doctrine in a mega-church or any other denomination. Camping, a co-founder and the President of Family Radio Inc., which is a Bible based radio ministry started over 50 years ago in 1959, has been teaching (from the Bible) that the end times for this world will come on May 21, 2011 with the rapture of the believers by Christ and then five months later the final day of Earth will be October 21, 2011. He has a book titled "Time Has An End" which was published in 2005 on this subject.
Take note now, that's 2011 and not 2012 as the Hollywood hype machine would have people to believe.
Camping has been studying the scriptures for nearly 70 years and feels this is the truth arrived at from the Bible, as he always puts it, while hosting a nightly call-in show "The Open Forum" on Family Radio.
Back in 1994, Camping had a book called "1994?" based on past Bible study that did not call for the end of the world in 1994, but the possibility it could occur.
Of course it did not and he has been held to ridicule by many (both religious and non-religious) since then.
That doesn't faze the 88-year old Camping who insists this will come to pass in 2011.
Family Radio is a world wide organization and resides in Oakland, CA.

For further info. on Mr. Camping and Family Radio, contact them at Family Radio, Oakland, CA 94621 or call the offices at 1-800-543-1495. They also have a website at
and there people can really check out this organization.

It's an interesting thing that people are discussing these "end times" and have been for centuries. It's no different in our day in the 21st century as people continue to talk about the subject and now of course the ridiculously hyped movie is coming out as well on the subject.
What does it all mean?
God only knows.


  1. It's a fascinating topic, isn't it? I think there are lots of different ways the world could come to an end in 2012:
    ... I can't go on. I'm scaring myself.

  2. I just finished Dan Brown's book The Lost Symbol and the date Dec. 21, 2012 was referenced in it. Before the book and the movie I had not heard of the Mayan prediction. I guess everyone will believe what they want, but the Bible states no man will know, not even the angels, only the Father. I am a Bible believer and I will trust its word.

  3. @ Lesley... Yes, those combos would generate visions of the end at least politically for this country.

    @ Rae... There have been many people predicting the end times for centuries and I can recall (as a child) may forecasters saying the world would end in 2000. We're still here!
    I have checked out Family Radio and Harold Camping because of all the fascination with this 2012 "prediction" and the fact he's calling for 2011 as end times.
    The show he hosts on the radio is interesting, especially when he gets heat from irate callers calling him "heretic", "the devil", etc... to his credit, Mr. Camping does tell people not to trust him but check it out in the Scriptures for themselves.
    As for me, I listen to it when I have a chance, but I also just stick to reading and trusting the Bible as well Rae.

  4. That's real interesting. I wonder why we haven't heard more about that 2011 date. Now that you've peaked my interest, I will have to do some googling.