Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The way the Republicans are acting smacks of desperation as they unveil their version of health care reform that does NOTHING for the public (that means you and me and every other tax-paying citizen in this country) and gives the health insurance giants more of what they already have, without that "bothersome" PUBLIC OPTION.

How about the way the right is acting just because the GOP won the governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey?


It means nothing.

Just think back four years ago to when California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had all four of his proposals shot down by voters in the state and then won the governor's race one year later in the election in 2006.

All the talking heads on the Fox Channel are all giddy now because the GOP won two states as far as governor's races are concerned.

So... what now?

I just hope health care reform doesn't get pushed back further and further on the congressional agenda as now the 2010 campaigns will be in FULL SWING following these "off-year" elections.

It boggles the mind that the people elected to represent the country and its citizens care more about their own asses getting re-elected and licking the boots of corporate America and the health insurance giants that pump millions and millions and millions of dollars their way on a continuing basis.

Now that is sick!

So... what now?

God only knows...

God help us because we here in this country we call the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA need all the help we can get.


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  2. Have the balls to put a name up "Anonymous" or any more "insane" rants like Beck or Limbaugh, etc. will continue to be deleted.
    This site doesn't screw around with politics that way... this great country of ours has been hijacked by corporations over the past 40+ years and if you feel you want to be their slave, then so be it.
    The fact is the corporations need to STAY OUT of our government. Point blank!
    Feel free to comment further (you corporatist you) BUT LEAVE A NAME if you just want to hurl insults and then they will be left up as posted.
    I suggest you might want to get your own site started if you haven't already done so.

  3. But Jim, the corporations OWN the government! That's why we need to keep government small. So the corporations can get bigger. Makes sense to me. Not.

  4. Hey Jimbo you and I agree on something. Corporations need to stay out of government.
    When I say we agree ....my guess is you don't really mean what you say. You not only support unions, you rely on them for your very existence. Unfortunately for you Jimbo Unions are corporations. So remove your AFL/CIO, SEIU, AFSCME, NEA....etc, from the government and Big Business will do the same. Big Govenemnt is not only a bad idea, it is unconstitutional.

  5. @Tax... Okay... now we are getting somewhere... The robber barons (railroads at that that time and then eventually big oil and the banks) after the Civil War were so corrupt in this country that child labor laws finally came into existence and the unions were formed to protect working people and give them some rights in the workplace and they are THE REASON people can enjoy a weekend or not have to worry about being fired if they don't make it to work due to illness, etc.
    You get the point.
    The thing for me is that too many people let things slide for the past 40+ years because we as a nation were asleep.
    Hopefully, it is not too late for this country as a whole because we entered into some silly decisions under former President Clinton (NAFTA, WTO, etc.) that were more of the same and just continuations of what was started (very much under the radar by the way) in the late '60's and early '70's and then ramped up under former President Reagan and Bush, Sr. and then escalated by Clinton and basically put on warp speed by the Bush-Cheney Administration.
    The people in power had their way big time under B-C and they don't like being out of power now.
    I'll admit if President Obama doesn't make good on SOME of the things he was promising a year ago, he may well be a one-term President.
    But the GOP is adrift and they are looking for someone (really anyone) to take the lead.
    Thanks for the comments and have a good day, unless you choose to do so other wise.

  6. @ Lesley... thank you for the feedback and you are correct that big business is too big (too big to fail they call it) and they need to be humbled.
    Problem is too many politicians are in the back pockets of the big WORLD WIDE corporations and that is not good.
    We need to get out of NAFTA, the WTO and just concentrate on being a manufacturing country once again. Then we would see real change because we would be putting money back into the pockets of the working people of this country and not into some CEO's bonus bag of cash... ie these CEO's getting millions in bonuses while jobs of AMERICAN PEOPLE are shipped over seas.
    Keep up the good work on your site.

  7. Health Care Reform has passed the House, now on to the Senate and (hopefully) then to President Obama for signing into law.