Tuesday, January 19, 2010


What are we, stupid or what?
The neo-con propaganda machine known also as Fox "News" has gone too far this time as they continually insult Americans' intelligence levels with their inane ramblings of just how bad things are in the United States of America because of President Barack Obama's policies.
I have some real news for you ditto-heads, former President George Bush, Jr. (yeah Junior) left a complete mess for the current administration to have to clean up and that may take decades to do.
So the Dick Cheney disciple, Scott Brown (whoever the hell he is... he may not even have been born in this country for all we know... sound familiar?) is the senator-elect from the shameful state of Massachusetts.
The late Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave following this sham.
The facts are this... Bush & Cheney, with a tiny majority in the House & Senate, crammed all sorts of bad legislation down the public's throats in their eight years in office.
The people sent them a message in 2006 and then again in 2008 with a clean sweep of the board as the Democratic party continues to control the House, Senate and the White House.
This is not a game people, there are real lives that could be at stake here with people dying needlessly due to lack of health insurance coverage.
To have some doofus who just parrots the hard "right wing" line and looks down at people who don't share their ideology sit his ass in Kennedy's former seat is a travesty.
This isn't a sports competition and shouldn't be treated as such. But there was Curt Schilling, a former major league baseball pitcher, stumping for Brown and yammering on about the election with Fox "News" personality Sean Hannity.
People from all walks of life need to wake up and realize that the corporate agenda has been ruling our country for the past fifty years and that isn't to going to change no matter who is in control; whether it's the Democratic party, the Republican party or whoever.
Book It!
The GOP, party of "No" has a new member in the Senate and now they will obstruct even more because there will no longer be a 60-40 "super" majority for the Dems. Not that they used it very well since last year, evidenced by their constant caving in to their minority opponents in the Congress regarding health care reform.
Know this... if the trend continues and the pendulum swings back quickly (because it ALWAYS swings back and forth) rather than slowly, get ready for more bullshit from the right wingers as they gloat on their success.
The American people cannot be stupid enough to let that happen after Bush & Cheney rode rough shod all over the good, hard working American people for eight years while their Wall Street cronies made out literally, like thieves.
You people up there in the New England area have been had by the right wing propaganda machine, also known as Fox "News".
Shame on Massachusetts!


  1. The people voted stop your crying,man Fuck Ted Kennedy let him roll over!

  2. Well said! Great post Jim. It is going to be an interesting fight from now on.

    Who the hell is Mr. Anonymous? If you can't put a name to your comment then you must be ashamed of your stance. Only little insecure idiots hide behind anonymous.

  3. What were they thinking? I wish I knew. There were no exit polls, and the media of course is just wildly spinning things one way or the other.

    I totally understand your anger, Jim. Totally.

  4. The people responsible for this will be sorry... book it!