Monday, January 18, 2010

All bets are off

When it comes to the NFL, simply throw logic out the window because anything is possible once the game starts.
Take all talk and pre-game hype that ESPN, NFL Network and any other venues offer up and trash them because they don't know squat once the game begins.
None of us does.
The New York Jets are latest example of this as they try to emulate their big brothers of two years ago in their quest to win the Super Bowl title.
The 2007 New York Giants came from nowhere to stun the unbeaten New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42 by a 17-14 count.
The New York Jets, fresh off their stunning 17-14 "upset" of the San Diego Chargers in the playoffs now face the mighty Indianapolis Colts, led by league MVP Peyton Manning, who already has a Super Bowl title to his credit.
The Colts, just like in Super Bowl III, are heavy favorites to whoop up on the Jets and "logic" says they will do just that.
C'mon man!
Don't fall for that crap because history proves the underdogs win in the post-season and the last four years proves just that when it comes to the NFL.
The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers were the frickin' sixth seed (for crying out loud) and then stunned everybody by winning three road games en route to their eventual Super Bowl title.
The 2006 Indy Colts came from nowhere after limping into the playoffs and, just like this season, received a huge favor as their nemesis (San Diego Chargers) was eliminated prior to them having to face them in the post-season, paving the way for them to capture the Super Bowl title by beating the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl 41.
The New York Giants followed that act in 2007 with three road wins (like the Steelers of '05) and won the Super Bowl.
Last season, the '08 Arizona Cardinals, with their gaudy 9-7 record (just like the 2009 Jets), made it to the NFC title game and then beat the favored Philadelphia Eagles to advance to the Super Bowl. But the magic ended as the Pittsburgh Steelers took it away from them in the final minute of play to capture the title of Super Bowl 43 champions with a thrilling 27-23 comeback win.
The point of all this is that ANYTHING is possible and people cannot just pencil in the Colts as AFC champions to face either the Minnesota Vikings or New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl 44 this year.
The Colts should beat the Jets, and put to rest that they were fools to trash a perfect season after pulling their starters that gave the game to the Jets in Week 16, allowing the Jets to sneak into the playoffs, where they now face the mighty Colts.
Wouldn't it be sweet justice if the Jets knocked the Colts off and advanced to the Super Bowl?
Fact is if the Colts didn't pull the starters in that game,when they were well on their way to victory that would have eliminated the New York Jets from playoff contention, then "Gang Green" would be sitting at home watching another team face the Colts.
Oh for a Jets victory to teach the Indy Colts a valuable lesson... when you have them down, keep them down and don't give them any chance to haunt you.
The Jets, with rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez (pictured above left), are riding high and feel they can take on the world right now.
Maybe they will win... but don't count on it happening for them this time.
In the NFC, ho hum, it's the Vikings and Saints going at it with Brett Favre vs. Drew Brees and all that good stuff.
Two powerful offenses facing off for teams that also feature opportunistic defenses to keep their opponents honest.
Something has to give and the game is in New Orleans right?
All bets are off because this is the NFL and the visitors have the old man in purple who wears number four.
Favre just may cook up some more of that "Cajun' Magic" and shock the Saints to lead the Vikings to their first Super Bowl appearance since Fran Tarkenton was calling the plays in the great white north of Minnesota.
Yes, it has been that long Vikings fans.
Both games should be exciting... but remember, all bets are off when it comes to the NFL in the post-season.
History proves that... I guarantee it.
Isn't that right, Joe "Willie" Namath?

Here are heftyinfo's picks for this Sunday's games...

AFC Championship Game

Indianapolis over NY Jets

NFC Championship Game

Minnesota over New Orleans

Last week's playoff record: 3-1

Total post-season record: 6-2

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