Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just a suggestion for all of the controversy over Tim Tebow's spot that is to air during the Super Bowl next weekend regarding his thanking his mother for not having an abortion and deciding to have him.
It seems that people are taking offense or staunchly defending the decision by CBS deciding to air this spot from James Dobson's "Focus on the Family" showing Tebow and mom in the spot.
Tebow is known for wearing the "eye black" sticker patches with bible verses under his eyes during games.
That is his choice, but what would Jesus do?
Once again, a suggestion would be for him to perhaps wear patches with the reference to Matthew 6: 5-8 which Christ Himself spoke regarding prayer and personal devotion when it comes to public displays regarding one's personal beliefs.
Just a suggestion because this "controversy" should be anything but.
Religion is a personal matter and one should NOT force one's views on another when it comes to devotion.
All that being said, when it comes down to it, this too shall pass and people will focus on the game on Super Bowl Sunday.
Enjoy the game.


  1. I am a retired teacher. I followed your comment on John's post and came over to read more. Many of my student from my early years of teaching are between 40 and 50 so when I read a post as well-written and as thoughtful as yours, I think maybe there is hope for our world. Just maybe, those squirrely little fourth graders that I loved teaching got it all together and have learned to think wisely. Now let's all enjoy the game. I will lift my glass in a toast to you during the Tebow ad. I promise.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more and couldn't have written a better post about this. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I'm glad it led to Maria's comment here.

    I will enjoy the game and like a lot of people won't even remember most of the commercials!

    BTW, your reference to Matthew 6: 5-8 is spot on!