Friday, February 19, 2010

Enough of the double standards already

When Eldrick "Tiger" Woods made his big announcement earlier today, it hit this individual as a huge double standard in this country and that continues to be the case.
Woods isn't the only "celebrity" going through the scrutiny for his behavior as far as sexual exploits is concerned.
Recently in Illinois, Scott Lee Cohen was forced to resign as an elected candidate for Lieutenant Governor due to an affair with a prostitute five years ago.
Woods is black while Cohen is a member of the Democratic party.
The point is these two men have been held to the fire to the extreme while Republicans David Vitter (U.S. Senator from Louisiana), John Ensign (U.S. Senator from Nevada) and Mark Sanford (GOP Governor from South Carolina) have skated and REMAIN IN OFFICE after their extra marital affairs were also made public.
Why the double standard regarding these people?
Is it because of the extreme right wing media bias? AKA Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc.?
Me thinks so!
These people are always whining on their programs about the liberal media bias.
Give it up already regarding that argument. It simply does not hold water.
Whatever the "right" wants, the "right" gets.
It's no secret the elitists (Dick Armey and Freedom Works, etc.) are the actual backers of the so called "Tea Party" movement in this country and they are using these ordinary folks to further their agenda of corporate control and greed in the United States of America.
These people they are using are simply cutting their own throats (figuratively speaking) as far as their own financial futures are concerned because Armey and his corporate cronies do not give a hoot about these people.
They are all suckers for the extreme right wing agenda and they do not even know it.
Back to Woods... it seems his whole story is nothing more than a distraction several months after the facts came out about his sexual activity.
Who cares?
That seems to be the attitude when it comes to Senators Vitter and Ensign as well as Mark Sanford and their kinky affairs.
So why all the attention on Woods?
Why was Scott Lee Cohen forced to resign and these other guys are still in political office?
The double standard of course.
Explain it otherwise people because I am all ears.
Let's see the pressure kicked up on the three guys from the GOP and get some answers from them. After all, they are elected public officials which we we pay for with our tax dollars.
Are you listening tea baggers?
Enough of the double standards already.
Hold all sexual offenders accountable, not just some of them.

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  1. Amen! I am becoming a cynic. I am plain ass tired of it all. It is just a game for the Right. They could care less about the interests of this country. It is all about power and their ability to retain it.