Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is the worst yet to come?

The economic times we are living in these days are down right frightening to millions of Americans who are going through hard times.
If people are fortunate enough to continue to be employed in these times, that's a huge plus.
The fact is the economic collapse brought on by inept trade policies (NAFTA, free trade, CAFTA, etc.) are in large part responsible for what is happening today in this country.
A recent article in the American Free Press (who are champions of the tea party movement) condemned these trade policies and demanded that tariffs be instituted to protect American jobs from continuing to being shipped over seas with no real consequences to the companies that do this sort of thing.
The fact is American people have put faith in the political leaders who have continued to turn their backs on them and simply cater to the corporations who flash the green in front of them.
America for sale, courtesy of big business and politics... our founding fathers would punch these bastards right square in the face if they had lived to see this day we are currently in.
Those who support the demise of the United States of America are the same people who condone these insane trade policies and basically say "hooray for me and screw everyone else."
That isn't patriotic, it's idiotic!
Unless this madness ceases to exist and the people WE THE PEOPLE (at least for now) elect at the polling places get their heads out of their corporate masters' asses, this country indeed is in for still worst times.
The United States Supreme Court (led by G.W. Bush appointee John Roberts) came up with the ridiculous ruling recently that corporations are persons (WTF?!) and therefore can contribute unlimited amounts to the candidates of their choice in the election process.
Once again, the (corrupt) system sticking it to the people of the United States.
Things have got to change and the squabbling going on between the right and left, Democratic party and Republican party, etc. has to stop or else...
It is a shame that things have slooooowwwwlly gotten to this point. Americans slept while their political leaders have been whoring themselves to the corporate big bosses and the banksters that caused this current economic mess.
Will it pick back up or will America continue to be sold down the river at the expense of the American people?
Is the worst yet to come?
We shall see.

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